Best Bino Harness and Chest Pack

By Shaggy Outdoors Team

February 4, 2022

BlackOvis.com offers some of the best options for Binocular Cases that are on the market. While we're promoting this local Marsupial case we don't want the reader to think there are no other options. Click here to get options from BlackOvis.com or Sportsman's Warehouse. The Badlands Bino collection provides quality products and creative designs. 

Best Binocular Case for Hunting

Marsupial is an American made bino bag company located in Phoenix, Arizona. As a backwoods hunter I have found that having the right gear is key to comfort and success.

As a backpacker it is important to find gear that fulfills my needs and keeps my range finder and binoculars out of my hands.

I have found the Marsupial line of binocular carry bags with rangefinder pouch are attractive and have great functionality.

When considering purchasing a U.S.A. made binocular case for hunting, I start looking at quality of material and reliability.

Marsupial Bino Pouch product designs and features

  • Molle Webbing on Bottom of Pack – makes for a quieter sliding out of the binoculars
  • Quick Access – needs only one hand to remove
  • Elastic Side Pockets – for extra storage of bino gear
  • Front Zipper Pocket – good for those items needing secured
  • Safety Tethers – removable quick disconnect
  • Magnets – securely open and close binocular pouch

Bags come in three sizes to accommodate your Binocular Size

Marsupial Gear Binocular Pack (Coyote Brown / Small) 

Marsupial Gear Binocular Pack (Foliage / Medium) 

Marsupial Gear Binocular Pack (Coyote Brown / Large) 

Check Prices of these Product Sizes by Clicking the Link – You will see Amazon Prices for these products.

Bino Case Reviews

Eric James

Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2019

“Best quality bino harness out there. All stitching is tight and clean. Customer service is top-notch. Doesn’t get better. I carry my Swarovski 15×56 SLCs in my harness as well as a Vortex 1300 in the rangefinder accessory pouch that clips on. There is extra pockets for a wind checker and cell phone which is extremely useful on stalks. Material is quiet and the zippers are as well. The pouch folds back with magnets at the bottom so it can stay open for easy removal of binos. Overall excellent!”

Other Bino Pack Uses

Birdwatchers like to move freely without their gear in hand while hiking.  The Marsupial Bino Harness provides them with a pack that helps keep their hands free.

Backpackers can use a hands-free approach to and need bino cases. When backpacking in the wilderness it’s ideal to be hands-free but also has quick access to their binoculars when animals are in sight.