Best Portable Antelope Hunting Decoy

By Shaggy Outdoor Team

January 2, 2023

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Best Portable Antelope Decoy

You're on the plains of Wyoming and you need to move closer to the herd of pronghorns moving up the side of the ridge. Do you have your Antelope Decoy from Montana Decoys stashed in your backpack?

You didn't forget the decoy and you pop it up just in time because you have about 40 eyes looking right at you!

Have you ever been in a position where a decoy would come in handy? The team at Shaggy Outdoors has been using Montana Elk and Antelope Decoys for the past several hunts and believe they have come in handy to distract the prey and give our hunters a chance at a good buck.

Portable Antelope Decoy For Archery Hunting

Montana Decoy Co produces the best portable hunting antelope decoys on the market.

If you are a backcountry hunter and you are looking for an antelope decoy for your pack, you need to pick up a decoy from Montana Decoy Co.

Montana Decoy produces two different antelope designs providing multiple angles for your hunting pleasure.

Early Season Antelope Hunters

When your antelope hunt requires you to get in close to get a close-range shot on that buck, you may need a decoy to distract that monster buck and his does to allow you to get set up and take aim at a perfect shot.

Having multiple decoy options could come in handy depending on the situation. A buck decoy could induce some action with other bucks in the area, while a doe could put the herd at ease and allow you time to move in on a group.

When you check out the Montana Decoy Co website, you get to choose from all options available.

Montana Decoy Antelope Portable Decoy Options

Montana Decoy Eichler Antelope with Quickstand


"Montana Decoy Antelope - This new Antelope Decoy is revolutionizing the way hunters look at decoys. With a design that is lightweight, durable, and extremely easy and fast to set up. This decoy is a necessity to take into the field with you."

What a excellent addition to your hunting pack. This lightweight and foldable antelope decoy can distract the best seeing animal on the plains. The 2D - two sided look that was designed from a photo directly has a proven track record of success. 

The Eichler Decoy comes with a quick stand platform, see thru mesh viewing window, and a stalking handle.  


  • Weight 31 oz without stand
  • Weight 48.5 oz with stand
  • Unfolded 39" x 37"
  • Folded 18" x 10"
  • Lightweight
  • Easy and Fast to set-up                

Montana Decoy Antelope Combo


"Montana Decoy New Buck & Doe Combo Antelope Decoy - 2 Pack - The new and improved Antelope Combo features better detail and resolution on both decoys as well as an all new pose for the doe decoy. Designed to be used through the season, this combo gives a bowhunter plenty of options from Waterhole, fence crossing or stalk hunting. Match your decoy set up to the phase of the rut or the area you're hunting. Use the decoys together or separate for a tag punching mix and match strategy."

When one decoy is good, two has to be better. This is a combo pack with both Antelope Decoys sold.  Giving you almost a two for one price. When you're hunting antelope with a bow you need all the help you can get and with two decoys you have a chance.


  • Unfolded Buck: Buck 38" x 30" 
  • Folded Buck: 13" x 10"
  • Unfolded Doe: 29" x 43"
  • Folded Doe: 9" x 12"
  • Weight (including leg poles): Buck 28 oz
  • Weight (including leg poles): Doe 26.5 oz 

Montana Decoy Antelope Fawn Predator Decoy


"Montana Decoy Antelope Fawn Predator Decoy - Western predator hunters now have the all new Antelope Fawn predator decoy as a tool to use during fawning season or anytime young antelope are being targeted by predators. Like all Montana Decoys, the new Antelope Fawn is lightweight, super easy to transport and built from an actual photo of a wild animal for ultimate realism. This hyper-realistic decoy folds up small enough to easily carry all day without worrying about extra weight."

The Antelope Fawn Decoy can be a great addition to use as a single decoy or in combination with other decoys. The fawn is sold as a predator decoy, but can be used for any antelope hunting set-up.


  • Unfolded: 31" x 28" 
  • Folded: 10" x 10"
  • Weight (including leg poles): 22.5 oz 

Who Is Montana Decoy Co?

Montana Decoy Co was started by Jerry McPherson in 1996 looking to give hunters an edge in the field. In April of 2012, Montana Decoy Co was acquired by Flint Holdings, LLC and Jerry stayed on to help design and develop all different animal decoys.

Jerry is still at Montana Decoy working on designs for typical archery decoys including Deer, Turkey, Bison, and unique options like buffalo, farm cows, and predators. While working on designs Jerry also writes and posts articles on Montana Decoy’s website blog.

Do Antelope Decoys Really Help?

Not every hunter will use a decoy and not every situation requires a decoy to make a shot. But when you’re working antelope in wide open range it’s difficult to disguise yourself when these prairie animals can see for miles and travel miles every day. Therefore adding a decoy to your toolbox can benefit your hunt and stalking on the herd.

I’ve used Antelope decoys myself on several occasions. When I was up in the flats of Arizona in Unit 4B we were on several different bucks over our two week hunt. But with a bow it was difficult getting in on herds. Their ability to spot an object out of place was amazing. We ended up putting a couple decoys out on a water hole and got some good response. The nervousness of these animals kept them at bay while we were in our blind. But after we put up the decoys the antelope seemed to relax and come in more often. No shots were taken but having the decoys with us allowed for better results.

Best Antelope Decoy Tactics

Antelope decoys and hunting antelope involve two key components. First, you cannot be winded. You need to stay downwind from the animals as their sense of smell is will bust you every time. No need for a decoy if they smell you!

Second, you sometimes need to distract the animal and give them something else to watch. These animals are amazing when it comes to their eyesight. But they are also very inquisitive. Our experiences have shown that they are interested in something new. Here is where the decoy is helpful. Get their attention or distract them with a decoy while getting set-up.

Your ability to use these decoys to your advantage will be key to a successful hunt. This is one decoy I would never forget on my hunts.

Don’t be scared to throw up those decoys from a great distance. If you are 500-1000 yards from a herd or if the herd is on the move and you’re out front of them, try putting up the decoy to see if they change directions. The decoy can be helpful to grab the herd’s attention and sometimes get them to move towards your position.

Another tactic involves using the decoy to hide while in the field. If you’re downwind and you disguise yourself with the decoy you can move across open areas to get a better position on the group. Remember there will be a lot of eyes on you, so move like an antelope.

Work the decoy on your next scouting trip. Make sure you’re downwind but try a few tactics out to understand their reactions. But remember, if you’re hunting in the early season every situation can change and you won’t pull a buck out from the group.

So Should You Implement a Montana Decoy Antelope into your next Hunt?

You should consider the Montana Antelope Decoys for a couple of reasons. First, they are lightweight and compact, so they don’t take up a lot of space in your pack and they won’t be heavy carrying across those flats chasing antelope. Second, why not? Having a decoy that is this portable should be part of your toolbox. You have other tools in the box so the next tool should be the easily carried, easily stowed antelope decoy.

As another thought for your antelope hunt. Consider adding a Moo Cow to your arsenal. In Arizona where we hunt antelope, it is also a free range for cattle. Cattle and antelope and even elk share the land and because of that, we could use a cow decoy as another option.

Keep an open mind and grab a Montana Decoy for your next antelope or if your into elk hunting click here for our page on Montana Elk Decoys.

You won’t be unhappy having his decoy in your pack. When those antelope are wary of the terrain and you need a little help disguising your body pop up a antelope and get the action going.

Additional Decoy Options

Song Dog - Brown


Bessie Moo Cow


Big Red Moo Cow

Montana Decoy Pros and Cons

Just a Few things You Should Know Before You Buy!


  • 100% Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects & Satisfaction Guarantee on all Products
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Designed from Real Photos of animals in the field
  • Compact and lightweight


  • None 

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