Rich Froning and Mtn Ops Supplements Partnership

By Shaggy Outdoor Team

February 10, 2024

Have You Heard the News?

Rich Froning the "Greatest of All Time" a.k.a. The G.O.A.T. of CrossFit has joined the Mtn Ops Family and is currently promoting its products. 

Recently introduced as a member of the exclusive family of social media, hunting, and fitness influencers, Mtn Ops has brought on board Rich and is offering "The Rich Froning Stack" of nutritional products. 

Rich Froning Jr. a CrossFit Icon and Fitness Expert. Mtn Ops Supplements has joined forces.

What a great partnership addition to the Mtn Ops Family.

Mtn Ops partners with incredible athletes and outdoorsmen who show they are the best in their industry. The likes of famed endurance runner Cam Hanes who uses fitness and conditioning to be ready to tackle the mountains on his Backcountry Archery Elk Hunts. Mtn Ops has a lineup of supplements under the Cam Hanes "Keep Hammering System" which provides both the gym fitness enthusiast and the backcountry hunter the nutrition and supplements necessary to be their best.

How about the lineup of nutritional products, including the Mtn Ops Collagen Peptides and Super Greens endorsed by famed T.V. Personality and Hunter Eva Shockey! Mtn Ops pursues the most recognized backcountry hunters to endorse their products because of more than just fame. They look for people who are strong in their FAITH, FAMILY, and BELIEFS

Who is Rich Froning and What is His Fitness Journey:

Rich Froning's story begins not with trophies and titles but with a deep-seated passion for functional fitness and family. The pursuit of a well-rounded approach to physical well-being led him to become the "Fittest Man on Earth" four times over. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of disciplined training and a commitment to excellence. 

Rich was not recognized as the "Fittest Man in History" in the beginning. He pursued the highest stages of CrossFit through his intense workouts and nutrition. 

It was only through his accolades of winning that he became the G.O.A.T. of CrossFit.

Rich's Winning Record in CrossFit:

  • 4 back-to-back "Individual" CrossFit Games Championships between 2011-2014
  • 3 years straight winning the worldwide Open between 2012-2014
  • Captain the CrossFit Mayhem Freedom Team winning six Affiliate Cup Championships.  Two in 2015 and 2016 and four consecutive between 2018-2022

At Shaggy Outdoors, we resonate with this philosophy, understanding that true fitness extends beyond the gym, shaping every aspect of our lives. Our approach to our backcountry hunting is also FITNESS FIRST! This provides us with the conditioning needed to backpack and hunts for days on end without the concern we cannot handle the terrain. 

Rich Froning Supports and endorses Mtn Ops Supplement Products. Fitness, Nutrition, and Hunting

Rich Froning's Approach to Fitness:

Froning's approach is more than barbells and burpees; it's about functional fitness and a well-rounded training philosophy.

Fitness is only part of the training process. The diet and nutritional supplements are important to keep his body in the best shape for life now that the CrossFit Competitions are over. 

In the "How Rich Froning Is Still Fitter Than You" article by Mike Simone on the website. Rich talks about how his nutrition and life influence his routines.

Rich has modified both this nutritional diet of Intermittent Fasting to a more balanced approach to diet. In addition, sleep, recovery, and changing his conditioning to "workouts" instead of "training" have kept him focused.  Rich states: I look at working out differently than I do training; working out is a little bit more fun and a little less stressful, and then training is work."

No matter the level of physical fitness you currently are at in your life, Mayhem Athlete can help push you to the next level, if that is something you choose to do. Check out their workouts for all levels on their website

Outdoor Lifestyle and Hunting:

Rich Froning's passion for the outdoors extends far beyond the confines of a gym. He is an avid hunter, finding solace in the mountains and forests. As fellow outdoor enthusiasts, the Shaggy Outdoors Team understands how fitness plays a vital role in enhancing both the performance and enjoyment of our pursuits. Whether it's scaling a mountain or tracking an elusive game, our commitment to peak fitness mirrors Froning's outdoor ethos.

One of the key similarities between Mtn Ops and Rich Froning is the balance of fit and hunting. Rich is an avid archery and rifle hunter and has hunted Whitetail, Elk, and Bear across the United States.

Check out Rich's Instagram for Mayhem Hunt @meyhemhunt

Rich Froning Stack of Nutritional Products at Mtn Ops. Magnum, Yeti Mode, Hydrate, and Creatine

What Supplements are In The "Rich Froning" Stack?

Mtn Ops Magnum Muscle Protein. Magnum is part of the Rich Froning Stack at Mtn Ops.


The ultimate muscle protein to help you build strength, and support muscle recovery & gains!

MTN OPS MAGNUM™ provides a key blend of proteins to help you get fit and stay fit. MAGNUM™ Power Protein feeds muscles to help fuel the growth of lean muscle. This delicious blend of proteins gives needed nutrition to help you meet your protein goals.
Mtn Ops Yeti Mode. A Pre-Workout Supplement. Part of the Rich Froning Stact at Mtn Ops.


High-Stimulant Pre-Workout formula that gives you energy to go beyond the next level.

With our high stimulant YETI MODE, you no longer have to muster up the strength on your own to CRUSH any workout that stands in front of you. Explosive strength, gains, and energy are packed into each scoop of our carefully crafted pre-workout for maximum pumps, reps, and results.
Mtn Ops Hydrate for Enhanced Hydration. Part of the Rich Fronings Stack of Supplements


Advanced hydration packs loaded with over 1,000mg electrolytes for optimal performance.

HYDRATE is specifically crafted with a unique blend of essential electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals to help improve overall hydration and performance both at the gym or on the mountain.
Mtn Ops Creatine supplement. Part of the Rich Froning Stack.


100% Pure Micronized Creatine Monohydrate for muscle development, strength, power output, and mass gains!

MTN OPS CREATINE is our 100% Pure Micronized Creatine Monohydrate product to help customers in the gym with their fitness goals. Creatine is a widely studied / well known exercise & weight-lifting product that helps customers perform at a high level - building muscle strength, improving power output, and increasing muscle mass.

Family Life and Froning Farms:

Rich Froning Jr. 10-time champion, Fittest Man on Earth, Man of Faith, and Avid Outdoorsman

Beyond the accolades and the gym, Froning's commitment to family is showcased at Froning Farms and throughout his social media profiles. This haven, nestled in the heart of nature, reflects not only a love for the outdoors but a dedication to family values.

Check out more on Froning Farms on Instagram.

Mtn Ops shows their commitment to family and community through their  #conquerhunger program where they give back to the community. To date, they have donated 5,308,276 meals to those in need. 

Shaggy Outdoors recognizes the significance of family in the pursuit of a balanced and fulfilling life, echoing the sentiment that adventures are best shared with those we hold dear. It is why we promote the Mtn Ops Brand and Supplements on our @shaggyoutdoors Instagram and Facebook pages and why we use the product ourselves.

Where Can I Buy Mtn Ops Supplements?

Now that you have learned a few things about the Mtn Ops Supplements and Fitness, you are ready to purchase. Here are three places you can check out or purchase the products offered at Mtn Ops. 

To purchase Rich's Stack of Supplements at a discounted price you need to buy direct from Mtn Ops. Click the button below we'll get you to the Rich Froning Stack Page on the Mtn Ops website. 

Here is where you can Buy Mtn Ops Supplements and Fitness Products:

  • Mtn Ops Website: We recommend you purchase directly from Mtn Ops Website and here is why. (1) orders over $99 get free shipping (2) you can purchase "The Rich Froning Stack" as a package on the website as SAVE MONEY! When purchasing on the website you get the opportunity to get FREE GIFTS with purchase. Shirts, Hats, Sunglasses, and Shaker Bottles are just a few of the free items the Team at Shaggy Outdoors has received over the years purchasing directly from the website. >>> Click Here <<< and we'll take you to the Mtn Ops website.
  • Amazon: Yes, you can purchase Mtn Ops Products on Amazon. Amazon has the opportunity to buy products with ZERO shipping if you have Amazon Prime. >>> Click Here <<< and we'll take you to the Mtn Ops Page on Amazon.
  • Hunting Store: In my ventures to my local bow shop and Sportsman's Warehouse I've seen the Mtn Ops products being sold. There is no "stack" or "discount" and the options are limited. To get the best deals you should buy direct or through Amazon. >>> Click Here <<< and we'll take you to Sportsman's Warehouse website to shop more Mtn Ops products.
Rich Froning Hunting is the best conditioned hunter. Using Supplements from Mtn Ops gets him in the best all around shape.
Fittest Man on Earth. The CrossFit G.O.A.T. Rich Froning is now part of the Mtn Ops Team.

Final Thoughts on Rich Froning Joining Mtn Ops 

Whether you want to be the next "Fittest Man in History" or be in the best physical condition for your next Whitetail or Elk Backcountry Hunt, the supplements offered at Mtn Ops will help you get to your peak performance. 

We've mentioned that Mtn Ops is more than just a supplement retailer. They offer fitness programs to Gain Strength or Weight Loss. They want their "tribe" of followers to be their best version. Giving back is more than just offering a fitness program and supplements, Mtn Ops contributes to their community by providing meals through their "Operation Conquer Hunger" program.

It appears Mtn Ops has found another great representative of the World as a voice for their brand. As one of the Greatest CrossFit Athletes ever Rich will bring notoriety from the CrossFit Community to the Mtn Ops Brand.

FAITH, COMMUNITY, COMMITMENT, and FITNESS sounds like a great union of two fantastic brands.

The Shaggy Outdoors Team stands as living proof that the blend of family, fitness, and the right nutrition can elevate your conditioning and enhance every aspect of your outdoor pursuits.

Let's make this season the most epic one yet!

Thanks to Mtn Ops for the use of their product pictures and information. 

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