Kickstand Turkey Vest: Enhancing Comfort and Support for Turkey Hunters

By Shaggy Outdoor Team

February 22, 2024

One piece of turkey hunting gear I cannot live without is my Turkey Vest!

I'm a run-n-gun turkey hunter in Arizona and typically a sit-and-wait turkey hunter in Michigan. When possible, I love using my turkey blind to conceal my movements and provide cover. But the blind only helps when I know where the turkey roosted last night and is useless if I plan on cutting off the gobblers when they are heading in a different direction. 

If I happen to be moving around the property and expect to sit for longer periods I need some support from either a lounger turkey chair or a vest with back support to sit in the tall grass.

A "Kickstand" turkey hunting vest is my next purchase for Michigan. Yes, I understand that it's a bit heavier (around 5 lbs) than my traditional vest. But sometimes my plan is to sit in the tall grass and the back support would be good for this old body.

As an experienced hunter with a deep passion for turkey hunting, I understand the importance of having the right gear to enhance the hunting experience. For those seeking to elevate their turkey hunting game, the choice of hunting vest plays a crucial role.

In this article, I will provide insights into the essential gear required for turkey hunting, with a specific focus on the turkey kickstand hunting vest. Additionally, I will give a little discussion on the traditional turkey vests with seats and run-n-gun style turkey vests.

Essential Gear for Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting demands a specific set of gear to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience. From camouflage clothing that blends seamlessly with the surroundings to turkey calls that mimic the sounds of a turkey, each piece of gear serves a distinct purpose.

The Team at Shaggy Outdoors has covered a majority of the different gear needed when hunting turkey in The Ultimate Gear Guide for Turkey Hunters!

Shotguns, specialized ammunition for turkeys, hunting masks, gloves, and hunting knives are also essential components of a turkey hunter's arsenal. As a seasoned hunter, I have come to appreciate the significance of having the right gear, tailored to the unique challenges of turkey hunting.

Gear for a Successful Hunt:

  1. Turkey Decoys
  2. Slate Turkey Calls and Strikers
  3. Box Turkey Calls
  4. Mouth or Diaphragm Calls
  5. Push Button Calls
  6. Locator Calls
  7. Ground Blinds
  8. Binoculars
  9. Turkey Shotgun

The Turkey Kickstand Hunting Vest

The turkey kickstand hunting vest is a game-changer for avid turkey hunters. This specialized vest is designed with a built-in seat or backrest, providing hunters with the comfort and support needed during long sits in the field.

The convenience of having gear readily accessible while maintaining a comfortable sitting position makes the kickstand vest a valuable addition to any hunter's gear collection. The ample storage space ensures that essential items are within reach, contributing to a seamless hunting experience.

3 Top Kickstand Turkey Vest w/ Back Support

When you are looking for comfort and support from a vest while waiting out those mature Toms, these vests are the gear you need.


Alps OutdoorZ

Amazon Ratings

Want to see more Turkey Vests by Alps OutdoorZ? Check out these stores:


Sportsmans Warehouse

Grand Slam Turkey Vest

The Grand Slam Turkey vest is the ultimate turkey vest on the market today. Featuring state-of-the-art features such as the "sit anywhere" kickstand frame, thick padded fold-away seat, a smartphone sleeve that allows you to use your phone while it's still in the pack, and a removable diaphragm call pocket, among many others, this vest delivers. Other features include shell loops, H2O compatibility, side compression straps, two water bottle pockets, detachable shoulder straps, and a protective and silent box call pocket. This vest comes in three different camo styles: REALTREE TIMBER®, Mossy Oak® Obsession®, and Mossy Oak® New Bottomland®.  Voted Outdoor Life - Best Turkey Vest for Long Sit


  • Site-anywhere removable kickstand frame
  • Adjustable Legs and fast-locking technology
  • Swivel feet prevent sinking
  • Removable fold-away seat
  • 2 Slate Calls pocket
  • Striker pocket - holds 3
  • Five Shell Loops
  • Smartphone sleeve
  • Hydration compatible
  • Large Game Bag
  • 2 mesh zipper pockets inside
  • One Size Fits Most with Side Compression Straps adjust to different body types
  • 3 Different Camo Patterns for Your Choice



Amazon Ratings

Two camo patterns are available.

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TideWe Turkey Vest with Seat and Kickstand

The TideWe Turkey Vest comes in two camo styles; Truetimber HTC Green and Truetimber Strata. This vest has an Ergonomic Padded Back and a Thick Sponge Cushion. Straps have adjustable reinforced webbing and wear-resistant and moisture-resistant bottoms. The stable Metal Frame gives hunters an adjustable angle when sitting. The metal frame is removable to use the vest without the kickstand.  ONE-SIZE Fits Most.


  • Interior Net Pockets
  • Hunting Apparel Pocket
  • Tool Pocket
  • Box Call Pocket
  • Slate Call Pocket
  • Mouth Call Pocket
  • Rangefinder & Phone Pocket
  • Large pouch for decoys or turkey
  • 4.7 out of 5.0 rating from buyers on Amazon


TR Store

Amazon Ratings

Turkey Vest with Seat and Kick Stand

This turkey hunting vest is available on Amazon. With 39 total reviews, the product has an 87% 5 Star Rating and a 13% 4 Star Rating. The reviews, generally, mention satisfied customers. The vest has multiple pockets including one for a rangefinder and phone. The interior has mesh pockets, ammunition, and tool pockets, and smooth SBS Zippers to keep everything in place. The shoulder straps are wide for comfort and the back of the vest is Ergonomic designed with cushioned back. The Kick Stand or Metal Frame is removable and the 3" memory foam will help you sit all day.  ONE-SIZE Fits Most.


  • Interior Net Pockets
  • Slate Call Pocket
  • Rangefinder & Phone Pocket
  • Large Side Pocket for additional storage
  • Mouth Call Pocket
  • Box Call Pocket
  • Spring Loaded and adjustable kickstand legs
  • Large pouch for decoys or turkey
  • 4.9 out of 5.0 rating from buyers on Amazon



Bass Pro Ratings

Cabela's Tactical Turkey Vest. 1 of 20 Top Turkey Vests for Turkey Hunting.

Tactical Tat'r Pro Kickstand Turkey Vest for Men

Discover the most advanced turkey vest on the market, the Cabela's® Tactical Tat'r Pro Kickstand Turkey Vest for Men. As part of the Couch Potato Series this Cabela's turkey vest sports an innovative, adjustable kickstand to give you a back seat anywhere you roam, when one isn't otherwise available. Speed Seat technology lets you take a seat in seconds. Padded, adjustable shoulder harnesses and a sternum strap provide custom comfort, along with our acclimated couch-cushion comfort system in the back paneling and seat. This Cabela's hunting vest adds specialized pockets for diaphragm, box, and slate calls. The integrated, expandable game bag lets you carry back the spoils of a successful hunt, and the removable blaze-orange flag lets you safely signal your presence. Includes a free decoy bag (valued at $9.99). Imported.

  • Innovative, adjustable Couch Potato Series kickstand for a seat anytime, anywhere
  • Speed Seat technology
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder harness with sternum strap
  • Couch-cushion comfort system in back panel and seat
  • Specialized pockets for diaphragm, box, and slate calls
  • Integrated, expanding game bag
  • Removable blaze-orange flag
  • Includes a free decoy bag (valued at $9.99)

Pros and Cons of the Turkey Kickstand Hunting Vest


The benefits of utilizing a turkey kickstand hunting vest are numerous. Enhanced comfort during extended periods of waiting, improved back support, and the convenience of organized gear storage are among the key advantages.


However, it's important to consider potential drawbacks, such as the added weight or bulkiness of the vest, and limitations in certain hunting environments.

Despite these considerations, the overall benefits make the turkey kickstand hunting vest a worthwhile investment for dedicated turkey hunters.

Traditional Turkey Vest with Seat and Run-n-Gun Style Turkey Vest

For those seeking alternative styles, traditional turkey vests with seats and run-n-gun style turkey vests offer distinct advantages.

Traditional Turkey Hunting Vest:

The traditional vest provides a comfortable seating option without the built-in kickstand, catering to hunters who prefer a more streamlined approach.

The traditional vest is designed to hold all your gear. These vests are gear-centric with multiple pockets for calls, water, shells, and other gear. They will also have a thick seat for sitting, that sometimes can be removed.

The traditional vest will typically have room for your bird once shot and there is room to stow your turkey decoys if necessary. vests 

Run-n-gun style vest:

This style of vest is designed to be lightweight so hunters can carry less weight when covering ground. 

The minimalist vest will carry less gear and will have less room for all your call options. You won't have space for your decoys and you most likely will need to carry your bird once shot. 

Alps High Quality Materials, Straps, and Clips

Looking for a good Turkey Hunting Vest to stow your gear?

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We've put together 20 options to choose from. Check out the minimalist vest, vest with kickstands, and traditional turkey vest we've assembled.

Final Thoughts on Kickstand Turkey Vests

In the world of turkey hunting, having the right gear can make all the difference between a successful outing and a missed opportunity. From essential equipment like camouflage clothing, turkey calls, and shotguns to specialized gear such as the turkey kickstand hunting vest, each item plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall hunting experience.

As an experienced hunter with a deep appreciation for the art of turkey hunting, I recognize the value of investing in gear that aligns with individual hunting styles and preferences.

Whether opting for the comfort and support of a turkey kickstand hunting vest, the traditional functionality of a vest with a seat, or the agility of a run-n-gun style vest, hunters have a range of options to suit their specific needs. 

By understanding the pros and cons of each gear type, hunters can make informed decisions that elevate their hunting pursuits and contribute to memorable experiences in the great outdoors.