Mtn Ops Ammo Protein Meal Replacement Review

By Shaggy Outdoor Team

June 8, 2023

Best Meal Replacement Supplement for Hunters. Mtn Ops Ammo Protein Meal Replacement.

Protein Meal Replacement and Weight Loss Program

Do you ever pull up one of those reviews from a site and they say all the right things, but you wonder have ever used the product?

Well, The Shaggy Outdoor Team has used several of the supplements and products offered by Mtn Ops and we support them 100%.  Today, we are talking about the meal replacement and protein supplement Ammo that is part of the larger Weight Loss System or you can purchase individual packages for your pleasure. 

The Mtn Ops Weight Loss Program includes the following supplements:

  • Ammo - Protein Meal Replacement
  • Blaze - Promotes Energy and Weight Loss
  • Enduro - Non-Caffeinated Cardio Enhancement
  • Renu - Body Cleanse

As a 50-year-old hunter and angler looking to get all he can out of his efforts, I utilize the Ammo Protein Meal Replacement at least once per day. I don't always use it specifically as a single meal replacement, I also utilize it as a 4th meal throughout the day as I try to eat four smaller meals versus three larger meals. 

The added nutritional consumption allows me to keep my energy up during those long days at work. Having several flavor options to choose from gives me the opportunity to get my added nutrition without getting tired of the same old flavor. The taste has been nothing short of incredible and the on-the-go Ammo Samplers called Trail Packs give me added convenience when I know I'll be in the truck during the day.

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MTN OPS AMMO - Meal Replacement Supplement

  • Healthy 19 grams of Protein
  • Weight Loss Meal Replacement
  • Build Lean Muscle

Who is Mtn Ops?

An interesting name, Mtn Ops has had several fitness experts confused, but not the outdoor world. Mtn Ops is a supplement company that was founded by Trevor Farnes, Jordon Harbertson, and Casey Harbertson. They are outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and supplement experts.


"At the heart of MTN OPS, we strive each day to conquer more by abiding by a set of core values and beliefs that will reflect in our interactions, but also in our product and services you have trusted us to provide. The following is our commitment to you."


"In everything we do, we improve the lives of individuals and families. Our commitment to you is made manifest through this proclamation. The journey of transformation spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially is a journey to conquer. MTN OPS is your trusted partner."

The business has been built on the core values of Recognizing God, Ownership, Trust, Interdependence, diligence, opportunity, family, desire, service, gratitude, joy, and the golden rule. 

A primary focus of the Team at Mtn Ops is their ability to give back. For every purchase through their website, they give meals to those in need. A wonderful way to give back to their local community.

Not only does Mtn Ops provide supplements for everyday people, but they also encourage a healthy lifestyle and getting outdoors. 

Mtn Ops has two very famous individuals with their fingers on the products over at the website. The Pro Series of supplements are endorsed by "Keep Hammering" Cameron Hanes a distance runner, outdoorsman, influencer, and author. On the woman's side of the products, Eva Shockey has a signature series for the everyday mother who wants to Conquer More. Both are outdoor influencers and hunters who promote the products while using them in their everyday lives.

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What is Ammo by Mtn Ops?

Ammo is a Whey Protein Meal Replacement full of protein, flaxseed, and real fruits and vegetables. While the protein and nutrients help keep you running throughout the day, the product also assists in curbing your appetite helping you lose a few pounds along the way. But for me, it's just a healthy alternative to a drive-thru window. I enjoy grabbing a trail pack and heading out the door knowing I don't have to fill my body with unnatural ingredients.  

Each Serving Contains:

  • 19g of protein
  • 10g of Super Food Flaxseed
  • 4.5 Servings of Real Fruits and Vegetables (broccoli, cranberries, oranges and apples)
Ammo Trail Pack a single serving of protein meal replacement. 19g of protein in each serving

What Benefits Do I Get from Ammo?

  • Protein for Lean Muscle Build - take Ammo 30 minutes before bed to build lean muscle and gain
  • Nutritious Meal Replacement - 4.5 servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Weight Loss - reduce calorie intake with balance weight training 
  • 10 Grams of Cold Milled Flaxseed (Great Fiber and Omega Fatty Acids)
  • Don't forget the Great taste
Ammo by Mtn Ops Supplement Facts Sheet for Strawberries and Cream

How to Use Ammo Meal Replacement?

Mtn Ops Guidelines:

Mix 1 Serving (1 scoop) of Ammo in 10-16 oz of water, milk, or beverage of choice. As part of the Mtn Ops Weight Loss Program take Ammo as an AM or PM meal replacement shake. 

Take Ammo 30 minutes before bed if you are looking for muscle gain.

As mentioned previously, I take the supplement as a meal replacement if I am eating only three meals in a particular day or as a 4th meal when I am eating smaller meals throughout the day. I have purchased this product several times, and without fail I find myself feeling better and having no horrible dry mouth or stomach issues afterward.

Ammo is Stored in the Refrigerator After Opening

Where to Store My Ammo After Opening?

Remember to store your Ammo Protein Meal Replacement and Weight Loss Powder in the refrigerator after opening. I put my right next to the venison burger. Good quality natural meat and excellent meal replacement supplements.

Mtn Ops Meal Replacement Used on Hunting Trips with Protein Pancakes

Final Thoughts on Mtn Ops Ammo - Protein Meal Replacement

There is no doubt that I use the Mtn Ops supplements, especially the Ammo Protein Meal Replacement monthly. I've got ample pictures of me using the product, like the one above when I was out scouting for my antelope hunt. Combining my Kodiak Protein Pancakes, with a few berries and my Ammo I have no problem getting my morning going. As long as I have a cup of coffee to go with it! 

Where can you buy your Ammo? Right here on Mtn Ops Website, we'll shoot you over and you can check things out. 

Do yourself a favor and get on board with better health. If you don't know where to start then check out our blog article on the Mtn Ops Weight Loss System Review. If you're ready to buy, head on over to the Mtn Ops website knowing when you buy today, you will feed a family tomorrow!

What if you don't like the supplement? Mtn Ops has a Satisfaction Guarantee if you return the product within 30 days.

Mtn Ops 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee