Mtn Ops Weight Loss System Review

By Shaggy Outdoors Team

February 12, 2022

A Hunter's Best Weight Loss System

When I recently joined the crew at Shaggy Outdoors, one of the first things I discussed with them was how big of a fan I was of Mtn Ops and the Mtn Ops family. Being that I was born and raised in Oregon, the first I learned about Mtn Ops was from following renowned bowhunter Cameron Hanes, who also resides in Oregon.  Seeing him represent Mtn Ops and hearing of the benefits he was seeing in using their products, along with Mtn Ops's commitment to the hunting and outdoor industry, it was only a matter of time before I became a huge fan and supporter.

Initially, the product I was most interested in using was the protein powder "Magnum". Being able to get that protein supplement after a hard workout or long run was critical for growth and endurance. However, as the years have gone by, weight loss supplements and recovery have jumped to the forefront for me. I have been dealing with some injuries and those injuries have not allowed me to do the things I love at the level I was accustomed to. Trying to get back into shape and prepare physically for outdoor adventures like hunting whitetails in Wisconsin, fly fishing the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, or going on a late-season backpack hunt in Arizona was super challenging.  I came to a point where I needed a change to reach those goals, so I turned to Mtn Ops Supplements for help.

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Mtn Ops Weight Loss Program

Mtn Ops provides an amazing monthly weight-loss system. You can pick from two options, preselected flavors by the Mtn Ops Team or a custom version of similar weight loss program products and flavors like I did.

Mtn Ops offers a one, two, or three-month package with the most cost-effective deal coming with a longer timeframe. You really can't beat the price for their products if you’re committed to losing weight before the hunting season. Now, before I start let's understand this is not a quick weight loss program, the products were used in conjunction with a diet plan and workout plan. 

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Weight Loss Diet Products

The products included in this weight-loss system by Mtn Ops include a meal replacement supplement called AMMO, a non-caffeinated cardio enhancement powder called ENDURO, a fat-burning appetite suppressing pill called BLAZE, and a cleanse and detox pill called RENU.

My choice when purchasing the program initially was the custom package for flavor choices.

Ammo (Protein Meal Replacement)

My favorite flavor selection for the whey protein meal replacement drink product Ammo was vanilla, but I have since tried chocolate and both taste great. I typically use the meal replacement drink for my morning breakfast by using one scoop and adding it to water. Not only does it taste great, but in combination with the fat-burning appetite suppressor Blaze, I not only feel immediately full but also do not experience any hunger before lunch or throughout the day.  

One of the first responses from starting on Mtn Ops Ammo was noticing I had no stomach issues. In the past when I have taken other brand-name protein powders, I found that my stomach and the digestive system had some negative experiences. I typically don’t have a finicky stomach but when trying to add protein to my diet through drink powders, I have had trouble. No troubles with the Ammo meal replacement as my protein drink. My suggestion for those with stomach issues is to give this product a try.

Blaze (Promotes Energy)

The next item included in the weight loss system is the fat burner and energy pill Blaze. This is to be taken 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch. This energy boost and appetite suppression pill is a healthy way to suppress my hunger between meals. I have been very pleased with the combination of Blaze and Ammo, but don't consider them a weight loss drink, they are a great way to start my day. 

Enduro (Non-caffeinated Cardio Enhancement)

Included in the program is the non-caffeinated cardio enhancement powder called Enduro. This is another wonderful product!  I would use the Enduro as a midday pick me up or before my workouts. Without the caffeine effects, I had no jitters or excessive heart-pounding experiences with caffeinated pre-workout drinks.

Enduro has been in my backpack on several outdoor adventures and has helped keep me hydrated and provided the endurance and focus I need to push through to the end.

Renu (Body Cleanse)

The final item in the Mtn Ops weight loss system is Renu. To be honest this was the one product that I was least interested in before starting the weight-loss program. As a nightly digestible with the benefits of Happy Poops, Gentle Cleanse, improving my digestion, and detoxifying my body I thought it was a bunch of hogwash. But, committed to losing weight and using the system as prescribed I took the Renu nightly as instructed.

Let me just say, WOW! This product helped me Detox overnight.

I found that with the whole system I was going #2 less and there was less waste. I believe that Renu helped me utilize all the nutrients I was eating and produced minimal waste. I became a firm supporter after starting the Renu and I still use it today.

My Results and Final Thoughts on The Mtn Ops Weight Loss System

The combination of all these products has helped me shed the excess pounds I was looking to get rid of before my next hunting trip. As I sit here writing this, I am currently a month in a half in and have seen my weight decrease while having significant gains in my strength and conditioning.

I purchased the weight loss program as a complement to my workouts and diet. The key to losing 20 lbs was the high protein and veggie diet at about 2000 calories a day combined with four workouts per week. My results are based on my mental approach and dedication to my weight loss. Yours may be different.

Finally, it seems that about every day, whether on their Mtn Ops Instagram page or via the emails I receive, they are giving something away products or discounts. Go here to see their current promotions. As a member of Shaggy Outdoors, Mtn Ops truly is a company worth being affiliated with!

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