Best Youth Turkey Hunting Vests

By Shaggy Outdoor Team

February 19, 2024

Finding youth-size hunting gear can sometimes be hard. A turkey vest for kids' size will allow your hunter to be more comfortable, while also giving them a sense of involvement by carrying their gear. 

As a parent, I had the opportunity to watch and teach Kyle, a Shaggy Outdoor Team member, contributor, and my son, about the importance of hunting and fishing from a young age.  

When you witness your child's curiosity and enthusiasm for the great outdoors, it is a source of joy and pride. Introducing your young one to the world of turkey hunting not only opens the door to thrilling adventures but also provides valuable opportunities for learning responsibility, respect for nature, and the importance of safety in the field.

Among the essential gear for your budding turkey hunter, a well-equipped turkey vest stands out as a crucial investment. In this article, we'll explore the world of youth turkey-hunting vests, shedding light on a few different options and their benefits. In tow, our aim here is to help you make an informed decision as you gear up your young adventurer for memorable outings chasing wild mature Toms. 

Turkey Blinds by Shaggy Outdoors

Nurturing a Passion for the Outdoors

In the heart of every hunt lies a shared journey into the wonders of the great outdoors, and as a parent, fostering that connection becomes an indelible part of the experience. Picture your child's face lighting up as they step into nature's classroom, discovering the rustling leaves, the vibrant colors, and the elusive inhabitants of the wilderness. Encourage their innate sense of wonder, allowing them to feel the magic that only the outdoors can weave.

In the pursuit of youth turkey hunting, creating shared experiences is the secret ingredient to building lasting bonds. Equip your young adventurer with gear that mirrors your own, transforming the hunt into a joint adventure where mentor and child embark on a quest together. As you both wear similar vests and carry the echoes of the same calls, you're not just sharing a pursuit – you're creating a symphony of shared memories that resonate with the joy of the hunt.

The role of a mentor or parent extends beyond providing gear; it's about empowering your young hunter to actively participate in the adventure. Let them take the reins in certain aspects of the hunt, from choosing the perfect spot to setting up the decoys. By allowing them to make decisions, you're not just cultivating responsible decision-making skills; you're also ensuring that the experience is uniquely theirs, filled with a sense of ownership and confidence in their outdoor abilities.

Now, imagine the two of you sitting in the stillness of the wilderness, attuned to the language of turkeys. The fascinating world of turkey communication unfolds before you, and it's not just about calls – it's about understanding the rich tapestry of sounds that turkeys use to express themselves.

Share this knowledge with your young hunter, teaching them the art of mimicry and the nuances of turkey behavior. Together, you decode the language of the wild, turning every hunt into a captivating story written in the whispers of the wind and the calls of the turkeys.

As you embark on this journey with your youth hunter, let the warmth of shared experiences, the empowerment of active participation, and the fascination of turkey communication guide your way. In these moments, you're not just gearing up for a hunt; you're nurturing a passion for the outdoors that will echo through generations, creating bonds that withstand the test of time.

Woman Hunting Turkey. What's good options for woman in 2023.

Youth Turkey Vest: Having the Right Size Does Matter

In the realm of youth turkey hunting, ensuring your young hunter is equipped with the right gear is not just about functionality – it's about their comfort and enjoyment in the field. One key element that often makes all the difference is selecting a youth-size turkey hunting vest.

Imagine your child confidently moving through the terrain, fully immersed in the hunt without the hindrance of an ill-fitting vest. Youth-sized gear is tailored to their proportions, providing a comfortable and secure fit that allows them to move freely. This isn't just a matter of convenience; it's about creating an environment where they can focus on the excitement of the hunt rather than the discomfort of their gear.

Youth-sized turkey vests play a crucial role in fostering a positive experience. These vests are not merely scaled-down versions of adult gear; they are specifically designed with the young hunter in mind. From the adjustable straps to the appropriately sized pockets, each element is crafted to ensure that your child's gear complements, not hinders, their journey into the world of turkey hunting.

To explore the world of youth-size turkey hunting vests and discover options that cater to both comfort and functionality, we have found a few Youth vests being marketed online.

Each of these vests has been chosen with a focus on comfort, durability, and the unique needs of youth hunters. As you explore these options, remember that the right fit isn't just about sizes – it's about creating an experience where your child can embrace the thrill of the hunt with ease and enthusiasm.


Drake Youth Turkey Vest

Ol' Tom Youth Time & Motion Easy-Rider

The Time & Motion™ Turkey Vest was built with the youth sportsman in mind and includes comfortable and easy-to-use features like our detachable Magnattach™ padded rear seat cushion - the quietest, easiest, and fastest seat cushion on the market, zippered front drop-in pockets, quick-draw shell loops and designated pockets for strikers, slate, diaphragm, and box calls. Adjustable chest/side straps to accommodate all sizes. 

Youth Turkey Hunting Vest. Time in Motion Youth Easy Rider Turkey Vest.

Check out the Youth Vest on the Drake Waterfowl website by clicking here.

eBay is a good place to find hunting gear including youth turkey hunting vest.

For Youth Clothing and Gear I have found eBay provides some good solutions. Throughout the years there have been hunting vest manufacturers that stopped production of youth gear, but you can still find those options by searching eBay.


Mossy Oak Youth Turkey Vest

Youth Longbeard Elite Vest

The Mossy Oak Youth Longbeard Turkey Vest was engineered to maximize comfort and functionality. This turkey hunting vest is constructed from a durable, lightweight, and breathable cotton/poly blended material. Features include 6 total pockets for optimum organization of calls and gear, a large game bag with side zippers, and a detachable cushion that can be quickly fastened to your side when on the move. These Youth Longbeard Elite turkey vests effectively combines comfort, quality, and convenience for continued success in the spring woods.

Mossy Oak Youth Turkey Hunting Vest for Kids.

Hunters Specialties HS Strut Cookie Cutt'R Tracer Turkey Call.

This call is perfect for the beginner and youth turkey hunter as it has a molded top to help make the correct movements to make those Clucks, Yelps, and Purrs.

Get this item to add to your kids youth hunting vest.


RedHead Classic II Turkey Vest

Turkey Vest for Youth

The RedHead® Classic II Turkey Vest for Youth delivers just the right-sized vest for the young turkey hunter ready for his or her own gear. This RedHead youth hunting vest features a padded, fold-down seat; 2 large external pockets, perfect for shells or calls; sternum straps for optimized weight distribution; and fully adjustable waist and shoulder straps for tailored comfort time and time again. This youth turkey hunting vest features the one of the industry's most proven patterns for high-performance looks you and your growing hunter will appreciate. 100% polyester.

Best Youth Turkey Hunting Vests.


Alps OutdoorZ

Impact Turkey Vest for Youth

New Small Size Available – Ideal for Youth and Smaller Frames

The functional design of the Impact Vest gives hunters a versatile, lightweight, sit-anywhere hunting vest — ready at the flip of a seat. The Impact Vest boasts numerous pockets for a variety of calls — a slate call pocket for two slate calls and three strikers, a silent box call pocket, five shotgun shell loops, and three diaphragm call pockets. A removable front pocket features a shoulder strap for run-n' gun-style hunts and the seat conveniently folds away or completely detaches when not in use. The Impact Vest also includes a game bag on the back of the vest which features a pocket inside for decoy stakes. The popular camo patterns blend seamlessly into your surroundings. The Impact vest provides hunters with all the convenience of a metal-frame vest while remaining lightweight and versatile. 

Impact by Alps OutdoorZ is a turkey vest made for smaller frames such as a youth hunter.



Kids Tactical Vest

** Not Specifically a Turkey Vest **

This Vest is a Camo Vest that can be used for various hunts. We added it for the low cost and since it has several pockets to add calls or other gear. 

Give your beginner some quality reading! 

What better way to get your kid interested in both reading and hunting turkey than a good book? Reading can give the youth hunter the opportunity to understand the different setups and hunting styles along with calls and sounds in the woods. 

How to be Successful Hunting Turkey with Kids

Embarking on your first turkey hunt with a child is an exhilarating experience, and when you have the privilege of hunting on a private parcel of land, it opens up unique opportunities for success. Here, we'll delve into strategies tailored for first-time turkey hunters to maximize their chances of a memorable and fruitful hunt on private grounds.

A. Scout with Precision:

Before the hunt begins, invest time in scouting the land meticulously. Identify roosting sites, feeding areas, and travel routes of the turkeys. Familiarize yourself with the landscape to anticipate their movements, gaining a strategic advantage when choosing your hunting spot. Private land allows for dedicated scouting without the concerns of other hunters disrupting the patterns.

B. Set Up Early and Quietly:

Turkeys are known for their keen senses, particularly sharp eyesight and acute hearing. Arrive at your chosen hunting location well before sunrise to set up quietly and avoid detection. Choose a concealed spot with a clear line of sight, and ensure you're well-hidden in the surroundings. Patience is key, as turkeys are often active during the early hours.

C. Utilize Decoys Effectively:

Strategically placing decoys can enhance your chances of luring in a curious turkey. Consider using decoys that mimic the local turkey population, and position them within the turkey's line of sight. Experiment with different setups to find what works best for your specific hunting area.

D. Master Turkey Calls:

Turkey calling is an art, and for a first-time hunter, it's essential to practice and understand the nuances of different calls. Learn the basic yelps, clucks, and purrs, and practice them well before your hunt. Mastering turkey calls allows you to communicate effectively with the turkeys, increasing your chances of luring them into range.

E. Patience Pays Off:

Turkey hunting demands patience. Once you've set up and made your calls, resist the urge to move frequently. Turkeys can take time to approach, especially if they're cautious. Stay still, stay quiet, and let the allure of your setup work its magic. Patience is often the difference between a successful hunt and missed opportunities.

F. Know the Differences Between Jakes, Toms, and Hens:

When hunting sometimes the excitement of an animal approaching will impede clear thoughts and decisions. One such experience I've had is when a bearded bird approached and I got so excited I forgot to see how long the beard was.

Yep, I took down a Jake. A young bird, that was very tasty but was not what I was planning on taking that season.

So, make sure you know the differences between Jakes and Toms. How they look, how they sound, etc... The mature Toms will likely be the most cautious of the bunch. 

G. Take Snacks and Remember it's about Them:

Scott Myers, one of the contributors here at Shaggy Outdoors, reminded me early on that the fishing trip, hunting trip, or camping trip when you take the boys (I have two of them) is all about the kid(s).

Too many times we want the experience of catching or killing to be what the kid remembers. The truth is we need them to appreciate the experience and understand that catching or killing is only one part. So, my advice to you is to take snacks, let them carry less or more depending on their preferences, and don't put pressure on yourself or them to always do the right thing. 

Other Gear That is Great When Hunting With Youth Hunters! 

Two items I recommend adding to your youth hunt are a good quality ground blind and turkey decoys.

Here is why!

First, the ground blind allows the kids more movement when turkeys are approaching without them or you feeling like you might spook the bird. The cover is excellent and the kids can start learning about being quiet when calling and hunting.

Second, the decoys will distract the approaching birds from you and your youth hunter. Don't put the decoy directly in front of the blind or your location. Consider moving the decoys away in a direction so when the birds approach they are not looking past the decoy directly at you or the blind.  How to Hunt Turkeys Using Decoys is a recent article written here that will give you some additional insights. 

Final Thoughts on Turkey Hunting and Hunting Vest for Youth

As we draw the curtain on this exploration into the world of youth turkey hunting, we've delved into the intricacies of introducing your child to the outdoors, the importance of tailored gear such as youth-sized turkey vests, and strategies to enhance success.

Each time out look to enrich the experience of the turkey hunt and allow your hunter an opportunity to contribute more. We want to foster a connection, pass down traditions, and create cherished memories that echo through generations.

Equipping your young hunter with the right gear, such as a well-fitted youth turkey hunting vest, goes beyond practicality. It's about providing them with a sense of comfort, instilling responsibility, and empowering them to immerse themselves fully in the adventure.

The warmth of shared experiences, the thrill of decoding turkey language, and the joy of a successful hunt become the building blocks of a lifelong passion for the outdoors.

Patience, understanding the lay of the land, and the art of turkey communication all play pivotal roles in transforming a hunt into a memory of a lifetime.

As you gear up for your next turkey hunting expedition with your young adventurer, consider the carefully curated youth-sized turkey vests we've recommended. Each option has been selected with a keen eye on comfort, functionality, and the unique needs of youth hunters. 

If you are venturing into the world of Turkey Hunting yourself and want to bring along your kids, that is awesome. Educating yourself can start with a good book or finding a mentor. Remember the experiences a child has on a hunt can produce lifelong positive memories and experiences that will be stories for their lifetime. 

Happy hunting!