Mtn Ops Supplement Review

By Shaggy Outdoors Team

May 19, 2021

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Mtn Ops is More than Just a Fitness Supplement Company

The Shaggy Outdoor team was recently introduced to the Mtn Ops Supplements company and their brand of products. We watched for a while to see what the company founders Trevor Farnes, Jordon Harbertson and Casey Harbertson along with contributions from Cameron Hanes and Eva Shockey were posting and discussing on their Social Media outlets and found that Shaggy Outdoors and Mtn Ops have much in common.

If you are looking for something more, like a company who feeds families in need, then look no further than Mtn Ops for your workout gear and workout supplements. As a team, Shaggy Outdoors looks to participate and involve themselves with companies having a deep commitment to the outdoors and those companies looking to give back. We are not just blinded by the cool videos or pictures, we care more about the people behind the scenes and believe us when we say, these guys are the real deal.

We are pleased with what we see in the Mtn Ops company and therefore we use and support their products and wish to share our opinions.

Giving Back

A key reason we wanted to partner and promote their products was their mission to feed children and their families. The Operation Conquer Hunger program provides meals to needy families after every online purchase. The program started as a culture from the owner’s parents of giving back when they were young. Trevor himself even experienced the understanding of needing food for his family when they fell on hard times and ultimately when the team discovered 1 out of every 4 children in their backyard of Davis County, Utah went home hungry, so they decided it was time to give back.

When we learned that Mtn Ops provides a meal for every online purchase we were inspired to get involved.

WOW, it was incredible to learn about the desire for them to give back with one meal for each online purchase. Our team at Shaggy Outdoors strives to offer this type of “give back” as our business becomes established.  

Mtn Ops does not just give food, they give to their followers through their Conquer More program and company core values. The team strives to push all people through physical conditioning with conquering and training from the inside/out and improve the lives of individuals and families.  

Don’t wait, head over and shop for your fitness gear and supplements and you may even pick up a free gift. Mtn Ops gives to everyone, even giving back to those who buy on their website, and that is an amazing. The giving approach to their business is why Shaggy Outdoors has purchased their products and want to share their mission and story.

While the Operation Conquer Hunger meals were our number one reason to promote and partner with Mtn Ops, this group is packed full of outdoor enthusiast and individuals looking to strive to better themselves and others using the Golden Rule.

Shaggy Outdoors Team – Adventure Seekers

As avid outdoorsmen ourselves we want others, who cannot get outdoors or do not have the means to get out and hunt or fish, to be a part of our tribe of wholesome and honest outdoor adventure seekers. We strive at Shaggy Outdoors to “take you with us” through our product reviews, videos and blogs showing the adventures that are to be had in the great outdoors. We are here to discuss any of our adventures, pictures, YouTube videos, etc. you can contact us through our website by clicking here or you can touch base with us on our Social Sites @shaggyoutdoors on Instagram and Shaggy Outdoors on Facebook.

Let’s be honest, our team members are a mix of young and old. But all of us strive to keep in shape so our outdoor adventures are memorable, in a good way. Both Scott Myers and BJ Shagena have taken the Weight-Loss System challenge and are continuing to work towards better health using the supplements of AMMO Meal Replacement, ENDURO Cardio Booster, Blaze, Renu and Fanatic Crusher shaker bottle which all are part of this program.

Check out our Review of the Weight-Loss System Challenge:

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Kyle on the other hand started the Strength System program and has seen good results. You can find our review of the supplements and our feedback on our YouTube Channel and in our blog posts here on the Shaggy Outdoors website. Just click on the highlighted links to get more information on the products and our opinions.

There is more to Mtn Ops that just Physical Fitness, Hunting, Outdoor Adventure, and Donated Meals. When you click on their link you can check out all the Branded fitness clothing options they currently offer. 

To see current promotions click on Mtn Ops. For more information on the Supplements Offered – check out the site by Clicking Here!

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