Best Fishing Wader Review

By Shaggy Outdoors Team

February 3, 2022

Ready to try Simms for your next Waders or Boots?

Simms Fisherman Waders

In 2001, I started fly fishing using float tubes and hitting the mountain lakes in Arizona. My closest hunting and fishing buddies turned me on to the sport of fly fishing. It didn’t take long to get hooked and I was off to the local fly shop to pick up my own Simms gear.

Fly Fisherman’s Gear

As a new fly fisherman, one of my first product purchases was my waders. The shop owner and my friends all agreed you buy what you can afford. I’m the kind of guy who takes care of their tools and I immediately went to the Simms Wader product on the shelf.

I still own those waders. Matter of fact, minus a couple of repairs, I still have and use the same waders I purchased in 2002.

Quality comes to mind when I purchased my waders.

I don’t have the model name for those waders today, but I know they were made of great quality and I have proof because they are still being used today.

The second product I purchased was my felt sole wading boots by Simms. After 15 years and the Arizona garage heat those felt boots got worn out. For years my wading boot was an essential part of my fly-fishing gear.

Why are these Waders so Good

I’m a larger fella and I have gone through some weight changes. What has never changed is my height. As a 5’10” man I found my waders fit me length-wise. And while at times, they were slightly tighter or roomier, I found that the quality of the material never changed.

The double knees and nylon fabric has held up to countless tumbles on the shoreline. The Stockingfoot was always a concern for tearing, but with a little care, I have had no issues over the years.

After 20 years and being packed in my Arizona garage you’d expect some of the functionality of the waders including the suspenders or wading belt would disintegrate. Nope, all the functions of my waders are still in tack and ready for the next fishing adventure.

Why Simms Fishing Gear

I’m a sucker to support locals by buying and using products made in the U.S.A. Bozeman, MT is the place Simms makes their Gore-Tex line of waders.

If you’re ready to go to the next level or get started with quality waders for your fishing expeditions, look no further than Simms.