Canyon Cooler Review

By Shaggy Outdoors Team

February 1, 2023

Hard Shell Coolers by Canyon Cooler 

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Canyon Coolers is an American roto-molded cooler company based in Flagstaff, Arizona. The exterior is a polyethylene shell and based on the coolers size is injected with foam two or more inches. Durability has been the main selling point for Canyon Coolers and they back up their coolers with a full replacement warranty “NO questions asked”. Many rugged outfitters are fond of the Canyon Coolers for its durability and even Outdoor Magazine and Four Wheeler Magazine has voiced their praises with industry awards.


All Canyon Coolers have the following features in their design and durability

  • Rotomolded (LDPE) construction and injected with HUNTX foam insulation
  • Molded in Hinges
  • Latches and handles are recessed
  • Locking and leak-resistant lid
  • Attached drain plug
  • AirTight Seal
  • Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee – Bearproof
  • Lifetime replacement warranty

Outfitter Series Cooler come in the following quart sizes

Outfitter 22 QT


Exterior 11.5” wide x 13.5” high x 16.75” long

Interior 7.5” wide x 12” high x 12.5” long

The smallest of the Outfitter coolers is the 22 quart capacity. This cooler is great for day use either for work or for short day hiking and outdoor adventure trips. Cooled correctly, this compact cooler has a 48 hour window which it can keep your drinks cold.

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Outfitter 35 QT


Exterior 15.25” wide x 17” high x 23.75” long

Interior 9.75” wide x 12.5” high x 17.5” long

Named the “Ultimate High End Cooler” by Four Wheeler Magazine this cooler packs a punch. The 35 quart size fits most jeeps and side by side off road vehicles and can carry enough drinks and food for a group of four. The cooler is Bear resistant and has 2” tie down slots and also allows access to the inside of the cooler while tied down.

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Outfitter 55 QT


Exterior 17.25” wide x 18.25” high x 29.0” long

Interior 12.5” wide x 13.75” high x 22” long

Here is your start of multi-day excursion coolers. This 55 quart size can hold enough food and beverages for two people while out being adventurous for up to four days. This cooler has been tested to have ice remaining up to seven days (conditions vary and 3-7 days is possible). Weight on this ice chest is 25 lbs. empty and can hold two baskets (sold separately).

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Outfitter 75 QT


Exterior 15.25” wide x 16.25” high x 27.5” long

Interior 10.5” wide x 13” high x 21” long

The 75 quart 70 liter cooler is a great extended hunting or camping trip cooler. There is ample room for drinks and food and depending on temperature and conditions ice could last 5-8 days. Again a solid choice for an American cooler company and Lifetime Unconditional Warranty – no questions asked is the best warranty on the market.

CANYON COOLERS Outfitter 75 Rotomolded Cooler-White Marble

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Outfitter 125 QT


Exterior 20.25” wide x 20.25” high x 34” long

Interior 15” wide x 16” high x 27” long

The Mack Daddy of the Canyon Cooler Outfitter model chest is the 125 quart. This cooler size can definitely hold your food and drinks along with 4-5 of your closest camping friends food and beverages for 5-7 days. The largest cooler in this line should be placed in one spot and remain there for the trip. This cooler tips the scale at 40.5 lbs. empty and with several beverages, food and ice it can tip the scale near 100 lbs.

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The Canyon Cooler company is based in the US in the beautiful mountains on northern Arizona. The cooler brand is used by many outfitters in the state of Arizona and surrounding states. The Coolers, while not manufactured in the US, have one of the best, if not the best “no-hassle” warranties on the market. When you get your hands on a Canyon Cooler our opinion is you will be very satisfied with this cooler.

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