Montana Decoy has the Best Turkey Decoys

By Shaggy Outdoor Team

February 12, 2023

best turkey decoy for spring or fall season

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Gobblers Get Excited With Turkey Decoys

There are a few sounds in the woods that makes me stop in my tracks. The bugle of an elk in September, the sound of the quail flying in December, and most certainly the gobble of the turkey in spring. As a true outdoorsman, it’s not the kill but the adventure that brings excitement to my hunting trips.

I definitely will have a smile on my face when those gobbles start in the early morning hours. Those turkeys know I’ll do anything and everything to get a look and hopefully a shot at a mature Tom.

A hunter knows when turkey season is approaching because the days are getting longer. Soon it will be time for the toms and hens to start breading in the spring.

There is no better time than now to pull out your gear and confirm everything is in good shape and ready to go. If you're looking for all things turkey hunting, check out Ultimate Gear Guide for Turkey Hunters.

Ready to add a new turkey decoy or start your flock?

Check out the options in this review from Montana Decoy Co. You will be most satisfied with the lightweight, durable, and pure 3D and XD look you will get from their offerings. 

Why Turkey Decoys?

Montana decoy best chance to get a mature gobbler in close.

The right decoy set-up can get the Gobblers in close. Shots less than 20 yards will give you the best chance of success. 

  • The right set-up can get you that long beard nice and close. 
  • Using the right call and good cover can enhance your opportunities.
  • The most realistic decoys will entice those mature Toms to move in close. 
  • Using 3-dimensional targets gets you the most lifelike of decoys from every angle. 

Every turkey hunter works on two things leading up to opening morning; first, they work on gobble and calls. This is a long and arduous task learning the right note to hit at the right time. Second, it’s time to learn the art of the decoy. How to place them, where, and when is the best time to use turkey decoys? If you are looking for more information on turkey decoys, we have a blog post here How to Hunt Turkeys Using Decoys that will get you more information.  

When you’re looking for a quality turkey decoy go with a company that focuses on the decoy business. Pick the one that has elk, mule deer, whitetails, antelope, and several other species. Montana Decoys is our go-to decoy for archery or shotgun turkey decoys.

Shaggy Outdoors Best Overall Picks:

Our opinion of Montana Decoys is they provide some of the best decoys on the market. Our thoughts of the best are:

Montana Decoy by Shaggy Outdoors Who is the Montana Decoy Co

Who is Montana Decoy Co?

Montana Decoy Co was started by Jerry McPherson in 1996 looking to give hunters an edge in the field. In April of 2012, Montana Decoy Co was acquired by Flint Holdings, LLC and Jerry stayed on to help design and develop all different animal decoys.

Jerry is still at Montana Decoy working on designs for typical archery decoys including Deer, Turkey, Bison, and unique options like buffalo, farm cows, and predators. While working on designs Jerry also writes and posts articles on Montana Decoy’s website blog.

Montana Decoy Logo - Best Turkey Decoys on the market.

Get mature gobblers coming into your location using the Montana Decoy Co's Lineup of Turkey Decoys.

wild turnkey during hunting season - Large Tom mature turkey


The construction quality and poles are solid with no major issues. The bird folds down quickly and is lightweight for easy carry and storage.

Overall Look

If it tricks the turkeys and they find their way to the decoys, I have to give it a 5-star rating. No issues here. Even with the foldable design the XD is realistic.


The cost is reasonable for the quality of the decoy. The XD decoys are perfect for a 3D look and feel. I love the feeding hen. She pulls them in every time. 

What Turkey Hunting Decoys Are Available?

Montana Decoy makes several different turkey decoys for your hunting and decoy pleasure. You can get a Wiley Tom 3D, Miss Purrfect XD Hen Decoy, Jake Purrfect XD Decoy, Dinner Belle Hen Decoy, Spring Fling Turkey Decoy, and even a Fanatic Reaping Decoy.

When available, you can get a Turkey Flock and turkey decoy kit which provides several decoys in a discounted package.

The bottom line, Montana Decoy Co provides the turkey hunter with a variety of options for their hunting needs.

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What is the XD Series Decoy at Montana Decoy Co?

XD decoys stand for extra details in the 3D natural-looking decoys. With the XD Series, you get extra details including:

  • Taxidermy Eye 
  • Extra Detail in the Fabric and Printing Process
  • Design of 3D gives an allusion to real feathers
  • Extra carrying case for each bird
  • Lightweight 
  • Portability - Fold up and pack in your backpack - no hard plastic to carry
  • Very Real Looking Decoy

Check out the Seven Turkey Decoys Available from Montana Decoy Co.

Wiley Tom is a 2D image of a real Tom in the field. Decoy comes with cut-out sleeves for the hunter to add real feathers to the Fan. 

Full Strut Decoy with 3D realism in a 2D package. This decoy is great for the blind set-up or use when running and gunning in the west. 


  • Padding in the Chest area portraying a more full 3D style decoy
  • Poles are attached 
  • Weight 1 pound
  • Package L x W x H (19.25 x 15 x 3.5 inches)
Wiley Tom Montana Decoy Co


Montana Decoy Purr-FECT XD Combo

The combo comes with a Miss Purr-FECT XD and a JAKE Purr-FECT HD decoy. The combination can be used together or separately depending on the situation. 


  • 3D Design XD Series
  • Ability to modify the neck and head position
  • XD improved design and lifelike poses make for the best decoy available.
Montana Decoy Purr-FECT Pair XD Combo


Montana Decoy Miss Purr-FECT XD Hen

A great choice for run-n-gun hunters. This 3D design XD series has the lightest weight decoy on the market. No big bulky decoys or carrying several decoys. This one folds up and stores in your backpack and is available to go at a moment's notice.


  • 3D XD Design Series - Very Lifelike
  • Extreme lightweight and collapsible
  • Stake and Strap Design
Miss Purr-FECT XD Turkey Decoy by Shaggy Outdoors and Montana Decoy Co


Montana Decoy Spring Fling

This decoy is a 2D design of a photo taken of a hen just prior to breeding. The pose is to attract a tom showing she's ready to breed. The decoy can fold up and be stored with less than 1 pound of weight. 


  • Printed Design from HD photo
  • Adds Realistic visual when calling
  • Use several to have a flock setup
Montana Decoy Spring Fling


Montana Decoy Dinner Belle Hen

The Dinner Belle decoy setup is a 2D high-quality photo of a hen eating. This pose tells other turkeys it's okay to come on down. 


  • 2D Design with HD quality photo print
  • 8oz weight
  • Ease of packing and stowing in backpack
  • Great for quick setups
Montana Decoy Turkey Decoy Dinner Belle Hen


Montana Decoy Jake Purr-FECT XD

The new XD Series Jake Purr-FECT has the ability for multiple posses using the Perfect Pose Technology. Like the other XD series this Jake is 3D with lifelike qualities. Check out the redhead design lets the Toms know he's chasing hens. 


  • 3D Design for best lifelike features
  • Multi-head positions for enhanced presentation in the woods
  • Lightweight and foldable for easy backpack storage
  • Single pole setup works good for run-n-gun hunters
Montana  Decoy Jake Purr-FECT XD Turkey Decoy


Montana Decoy Fanatic Reaping Decoy

Designed specifically for the run-n-gun hunter. This 2D design has a life-like design and HD qualify photo realism. It's lightweight and has a pole that you can push into the ground or hold for the spot and stalk approach. There is a mesh screen for viewing and a hunter can easily hold the decoy with one hand and have his off-hand ready for shooting.


  • Mesh Screen for Viewing
  • Lightweight 
  • Foldable for easy storage in a backpack
  • True lifelike size
Montana Decoy Fanatic Reaping Decoy by Shaggy Outdoors

How Many Decoys Should I Use on My Hunt?

This is a question often asked and answered on many turkey forums. And like many questions regarding ideal tactics, there are a lot of different answers. 

Depending on the time of year will help you decide the correct answer. In the spring we tend to use multiple decoys. From one to three at the most. We are aiming at getting the attention of the turkey and not scaring him away.

The old gobbler is the most aware. He will spot a phony from across the field. Placement is key along with poses. The Montana Decoy XD allows you to place the hens and jake in several poses for optimal viewing pleasure.

In the fall we tend to run-n-gun more in the southwest mountains. Here we use different tactics than in Michigan at the farm. 

The use of decoys in the west is as important as in any other location. With the real-life details in the XD series and the ease of popping them up and taking them down the decoys are a vital part of our hunting gear. 

What is Turkey Reaping and a Reaping Decoy?

Considered one of the most dangerous styles of hunting, reaping is when a hunter crawls close to a mature Tom and pops open a fan or decoy built specifically for the task.

This style of hunting is illegal in many states and very dangerous to use on public lands. Many states have outlawed reaping and you need to verify if your state allows this tactic. 

The reaping decoy should be non-threatening to the gobblers. You should be able to crawl or walk in close proximity without scaring off or intimidating the tom. 

This tactic is most useful with shotgun hunters as they have the ability to hold the decoy with one hand and shoot with the other.

Successful archery hunters will find a way to reap by modifying a decoy to the libs of their bow. Hiding behind the decoy, the bow hunter can pull back his string and be ready for the shot.

The thought of the reaping decoy is you can get close to a tom, either undetected or with little concern. The decoy is recognized as a possible combatant tom or jake wanting his hens. Once in close, the gobbler has no choice but to confront you and that brings him in close for the shot.

Should I use a Turkey Decoy on my Next Hunt?

Most definitely...

There has been little data provided that indicates with the right calling a turkey decoy is a distraction to the birds. 

Having many successful hunts using decoys of all shapes and sizes, The team at Shaggy Outdoors believes this is a tool that should be out of the tackle box and into your backpack when heading to the field. 

Best Turkey Decoy Tactics and Set-Up

Depending on which single or combination setup you are working with, one of the most effective positionings for decoys is when the Jake is in the looking pose and the hen is in the breeding pose. Having the hen slightly in front and directly in front can make any mature gobbler go crazy.

One of the best creations Montana Decoys implemented in their new XD series design is the ability to modify the neck and head angle of the decoy. You have the ability to show the decoy in several positions that are more realistic to the actual turkeys in the area. 

Check out this Hen Positioning video by Montana Decoy Co. on YouTube.

The Pros and Cons of a Montana Turkey Decoy


  • All Decoys are constructed with the highest quality material for years of hunting service
  •  High Definition Photos are used when printing lifelike designs
  • XD is a 3D style Series of decoys that have the ability to place the decoys is a variety of positions
  • 2D designed decoys have enhanced features to give the most lifelike feel and look to any oncoming gobbler
  • Each design has the ability to fold down and pack right in your backpack


  • Sometimes finding the hole for the pole in the dark is hard.
  • Figuring out which of the models to use can be difficult
  • No real cons were found in our research and experience

Final Thoughts on Turkey Decoys and Montana Decoy Co

When venturing into the field the Shaggy Outdoors team looks for every advantage we can possibly have to get the most success out of our hunts. 

We use calls and decoys together to entice those longbeards to come in looking for a hen. When the elder more mature gobbler sees the jake standing over a ready-to-breed hen he will go nuts and challenge the younger bird. 

Having tools in your box, other than a bow or shotgun, can enhance your experience and success in the field.

While predominantly talked about with spring hunting because of the breeding season, don't be afraid to bring out your jake and hens for the fall season. 

If you're into chasing Antelope or Elk, check out our reviews of the Montana Decoy Co quick setup decoys to get a better shot. 

Calls for Successful Turkey Hunters

A perfect accompaniment to your turkey decoy is turkey calls. The MeatEater group teamed up with Phelps to produce some of the best calls on the market. Check out the MeatEater options below or click here to see what other calls Phelps has to offer. 

Phelps Game Calls MeatEater X Phelps Turkey Call 3 Pack

Diaphragm calls endorsed by Steven Rinella. Sounds like a raspy old hen. 

Phelps Game Calls MeatEater X Phelps Box Turkey Call

Inscribed with the MeatEater name, this Box call looks and sounds great in the woods.  Solid walnut body creates raspy old hen sounds.

Phelps Game Calls MeatEater X Phelps Slate Over Glass Turkey Pot Call

One of the best out-of-the-box calls. This slate "MeatEater" inscribed call will provide the best yelps to attract turkey. 


How many turkey decoys should be set out?

There is no correct answer to this question. Most hunters will use from 1-3 at any particular time in the spring. Spring hunting is during the breeding season and several Jakes, Toms, or Hens can be used together. 

Fall turkey season is outside the breeding season. Using 3D-style decoys showing feeding can be beneficial to the successful coaxing of the mature gobbler.

Is there a better time to use a decoy than another?

No, our experience has told us that we can bring in a turkey using calls and decoys or just by calling. Decoys are used to enhance the excitement of the mature gobbler. With proper calling and a visual of a decoy, you can increase your opportunity of success.

With a 3D turkey decoy scare off a Tom?

Possibly, the mature Tom will have experience in the field. If something doesn't appear right, he may be more apt to move off than to come into the decoy. 

Is a solid plastic decoy better than a lightweight foldable?

Decoys are a great tool for the toolbox. The solid plastic style can be as effective as a 3D collapsible style decoy. The benefit you receive with a Montana Decoy is that it has extra real-life characteristics. In addition, a flexible foldable decoy is easier to carry into the woods or use for run-n-gun hunting opportunities.

Are decoys necessary for Turkey hunting?

No, turkey decoys are not necessary to have a successful hunt. Many hunters will only use calling. This makes the turkey search for the source. Having a decoy can help for several reasons. If you set the decoy to appear to be feeding, this may let other turkeys know it is safe. If you set up a Jake and Hen for breeding, you make excite an older mature tom to rush in. Success can be had with and without a decoy.