Yeti Tundra Cooler Review

By Shaggy Outdoors Team

June 17, 2020

YETI Tundra Product Line of Coolers

When it comes to buying a cooler that can stand up to even the roughest of adventures, the Yeti Tundra Cooler Series hard coolers are impossible to beat. Gone are the days of the semi-insulated, pebbled plastic boxes your mom used to take to soccer games. For those who take their summer seriously and aren’t a fan of warm drinks by mid-afternoon: the Yeti Tundra is for you.

Yeti coolers have unmatched brand recognition. Not because they come in a wide arrange of color options or that they have a whole lineup of sizes to fit every need, but because their quality cannot be beaten. These coolers can withstand any trip and keep their contents cold for days. No matter what trip you want to take, there’s a Yeti cooler to match.

From days out on the lake to packing up the back of a pickup truck, whatever you have in mind Yeti has a cooler to tag along with you.

Tundra Pricing

The most common Yeti Tundra cooler sizes range from 35-quart to 125-quart coolers. There are additional extra-large capacity coolers available through their website for those planning a big, long-haul type of adventure. On their website, you can narrow down which size of cooler best for you by using their sizing tool. It’ll tell you just how many cans of beer can fit within each cooler.

A 35-quart cooler is designed to fit 21 cans of beer packed in ice, while the 125-quart option can fit up to 92 cans plus ice.

These coolers are built to last and are crafted to the highest standards of quality. This does mean the costs associated with a purchase are on the higher-end of the market. Focusing on the coolers sized for the typical weekend trip, pricing starts at $249.95 upto $549.98 on Amazon.

•Tundra 35 Quart is priced here on Amazon and comes in 6 different colors
•Tundra 45 Quart is priced here on Amazon and comes in 5 different colors
•Tundra 65 Quart is priced here on Amazon and comes in 5 different colors
•Tundra 75 Quart is priced here on Amazon and comes in 2 different colors
•Tundra 125 Quart is priced here on Amazon and comes in 1 color (white)

These products also come with a five-year warranty when purchased through an authorized Yeti dealer.

Tundra Roto-Molded Cooler Features

The Yeti brand is built on the idea that beer needs to be kept cold and the cooler has to be just as tough as the people using it. These coolers are built to last with two inches of insulation and wall-depth to keep the contents cold longer than any other hard cooler on the market. Tundra coolers are impossible to break, with each corner and angle of the cooler built to withstand any impact.

Yeti is also concerned with ensuring a good time is never ruined because of a spill. This means the lids are held shut with rubber latches that seal the top to the body of the cooler with a “Coldlock” gasket. Add in the non-slip feet of the cooler, once the Yeti is placed you never have to worry about it sliding across the deck of a moving vehicle. This, plus an interlocking lid system means even if the cooler manages to be tipped over there are no leaks and the cold air inside never escapes.

To make it even easier to avoid drops, spills, or general disruption of a good time: all Yeti Tundra coolers have tie-down points to allow the cooler to be tied to the bed of a truck, boat, trailer, or ATV. They’re also built with polyester rope & rubber gripped handles on both sides of the cooler. So even the 125-quart can be carried by two people comfortably. In addition to all of these support points, there are also grip handles on each side of the lid, allowing for an easy, secure solo-carry.

When the adventure is done, a leak-poof drain system in the lower side of the cooler allows for quick and easy emptying. This is also incredibly helpful for those using coolers to store meat or fishing bait as the inside of the cooler can be sprayed out and drained without needing to tip the cooler over for cleaning.

Spec Review:
•Rubber lid latches
•Interlocking lid
•“Coldlock” gasket seal
•Rope & rubber handles for co-carrying
•Grip handles for solo-carrying
•Tie-down points
•Non-slip feet
•Quick drain system

Pros and Cons of the Yeti Tundra Hard Shell Cooler

When it comes down to making a purchase, the pros of a Yeti Tundra far outweigh the cons.

  • Durable and Long Lasting Construction
  • Bear Resistant when using bear locks
  • Rotomolded
  • Variety of Sizes to Choose From
  • Can use for both Hot and Cold items
  • Replacement parts available


  • Pricey – but you get what you pay for – insulated rotomolded
  • Bulky – can be difficult to more individually – veryify your using the right size for the right situation

Yeti is Top of the Line Quality and Features

Quality: A Yeti Tundra cooler is unmatched by any other product on the market for the quality of the cooler. There were no corners cut in the design or build of this product lineup
Options: Almost all sizes of the Tundra series coolers come with an array of options to make the cooler best for you. Not just in the various sizes available, or even the colors to choose from, but the additional products offered by Yeti to meet every trip’s need.
Cold Time: All of the Yeti Tundra coolers are built for serious adventures. This means keeping food cold all weekend long without ever needing an ice refresh. Yeti even sells special icepacks that are designed to fit perfectly within the coolers to keep contents cold without needing loose ice to pack contents for day trips.
Warranty: All Yeti coolers come with a warranty period to help make sure you can use your cooler without fear. For Yeti Tundra, all coolers in the series come with a five-year warranty period. If any issues with the cooler come up, there’s a simple online submission process for claims.
Brand Recognition: If there comes a time you need to trade in your cooler for a different one, resale on Yeti coolers is easy. These products are easily recognized and are known for their value. If you start with a cooler that isn’t the perfect size for you, reselling it to fund the purchase of your next cooler will take no time at all.A few things to consider:
Weight: A yeti cooler is not your grandma’s picnic cooler. The empty weight of the 125-quart cooler is 48 lbs. These coolers are built solid and can be prohibitive for someone needing big storage but also needs to be able to carry it solo.
Accessories: While all of the Tundra series come with a dry-basket to help keep food from direct contact with ice, all of the other accessories from Yeti must be purchased separately. This means the overall product you want to purchase may cost more than the initial ticket price of the cooler itself.

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line cooler that will go with you on every trip for years to come, the Yeti Tundra series coolers are built for you. While there are less costly products on the market, nothing beats all of the detail built into this brand.From the walls of the cooler to the ability to keep it upright at all times via tie-downs, to even the simple fact that there’s a warranty in case you manage to break the unbreakable; there’s a long list of reasons as to why the Tundra is an investment that just makes sense. Even with a higher ticket price than other competitors on the market, once purchased this will likely be the last cooler you’ll ever need to buy again.

These are great coolers with options to not only make them yours through their wide list of accessories but also look great while you use them. The colors are unbeatable in the market, the smooth finish makes them easy to clean, and even the Yeti sticker packs available online can help to customize your gear perfectly for you.


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