Kong Cooler Review

By Shaggy Outdoors Team

June 18, 2020

Recently Kong Coolers has gone offline with their coolers and accessories from Amazon. I own a Kong Cooler and Love my Cooler. Unfortunately, I cannot give you an Affiliate Link to purchase from. You can purchase Kong Products on their website, but currently there are no offerings on Amazon for Kong Coolers. 

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Kong Coolers an American-Made Roto-molded Cooler

Kong coolers’ story started in 1988 with Elkhart Plastics, Inc. an industry manufacturer of components for the Marine, agricultural, food processing, and various other industries since inception. Taking their knowledge from designing and engineering in these commercial industries Kong Coolers was a natural transition as they used that knowledge to build a strong and durable rotomolded premium cooler for outdoor camping use. All their products are thoroughly certified and tested to handle the challenges of the outdoor conditions without breaking down.

Jack Welter, CEO of Elkhart Plastics, Inc. is quoted “We wanted to make the best-rotomolded cooler in America that contributed to the economy while delivering superior ice retention and usability.”

Kong has a six-man engineering group with over fifty years of experience identifying what entails a great hard-shell cooler. Kong coolers are all manufactured roto-coolers with sizes from the largest a Kong 110, Kong 70, Kong 50, and down to the smallest a Kong 25.

Standard Features for all coolers are seen in this diagram:

cooler features diagram

Models and Pricing

Kong 25

The smallest cooler model at a 25 quart capacity, and the interior measures 13.625″ x 11.25″ x 9.5″ and exterior is 21.5″ x 17.25″ x 14.375″ inches. Kong 25 is perfect for daily lunch or one-day camping or family outing. The cooler capacity is rated as 18 twelve-ounce cans combined with 12.5 lbs of ice. The overall weight when empty is 23 lbs which make for the lightest option. 

Kong 50

This Kong cooler weighs 33 lbs and has a $269 price tag. It has 50 quarts holding capacity and measures 22.625″ x 11.5″ x 12″ which provides ample space to keep food and beverage cold for the entire family. The exterior measures 30.5″ x 17.4″ x 16.875″ and comes with a divider for in-cooler or shelf storage. The capacity rating for the Kong 50 is 32 twelve-ounce cans and 24 lbs of ice. Kong 70

It has a 70-quart holding capacity and goes for $309. The interior measures 26.375″ x 12.125″ x 13″, while the exterior dimensions are 34.5″ x 18.37″ x 17.875″ and is a truck bed size cooler. The empty weight is reported at 38 lbs and like all Kong coolers, it too comes with a divider. Perfect cooler to choose when you’re planning that longer 5-7 days camping trip.

Kong 110

This is the largest of the Kong coolers at the 110-quart size. This also means the price for this Ice Chest is the most in Kong but still competitive in the market at $550. The sizing of this cooler makes for an ideal ice chest when you’re on those longer Fishing or Hunting trips. After you make camp, this chest will be ideal for keeping your food cold but the size will limit your ability to transport the cooler in smaller vehicles. The inside dimensions are 32″ x 13.75″ x 15.375″ while the exterior dimensions are 40″ x 19.875″ x 20.25″. Weight on this cooler, when empty, is reported at 48 lbs. The perfect cooler for the 7-10 days camping trip.


• Kong Coolers use top-notch FDA-certified polyethylene. They utilize the roto-molding process and other proprietary methods to produce a sturdy, laminated bond between the polyethylene and foam insulation. This assists in preventing the occurrence of delamination. Despite the expensive aspect of this procedure, Kong coolers implement it to ensure you end up with a quality product.

• The cooler’s wall thickness surpasses those of other models within this category. Expect the thickness to be between three and four inches thick, depending on the specific wall or model that you need.

• The sealing constituent between the body and lid is another significant feature of the Kong cooler. We call it a gasket while Kong dubs it the ‘insulated Superior Seal.’ The used seal highly resembles the large rubber gasket common in high-end coolers.

• There is also a latching mechanism that offers a closing power between the body and lid. Various brands opt for the conventional system, rubber t-latches which operate using the lip at the base that stretches to fit below a ledge, thus firmly holding it.

• Kong uses another approach:’ Cam Action Latch! It consists of 3/16 inch thick nylon and stainless steel construction. It works by pushing the latch downwards rather than being pulled outwards. Thus, you can open or shut your cooler without having to raise the lid. The cam action latch is suitable for accessibility in tight spaces. When closing, it offers a great bite that assists in adding pressure on the cooler. The Kong latch also looks more professional than the rubber T-latch.

• Kong Coolers also offer easy mobility because of their side handles. The side handles consist of 3/16 inch webbed nylon construction, and their rigid design prevents swinging during transit, which is common with the rope handles. With the plastic-designed handle, we find our fishing tackle doesn’t get tangled with the cooler like some others models with rope handles. It also sports a comfy rubber grip that’s critical during transport in wet or rainy conditions.

• Kong Coolers also have Stay-Put Lid that enables lid-opening to a 45-degree position when you back the cooler against a wall or flat surface. This aspect assists when you want to acquire items in the refrigerator without entirely opening the lid

• The coolers also have a storage divider that you can use as a shelf/ side table and cutting board that directly attaches to your refrigerator. Kong coolers are IGBC certified and available with a lifetime-limited warranty.

• The cooler has a beautiful overall design due to the elegant curves and edges. There are extruded ridges and a Kong cooler emblem on the cooler’s top. This ice chest is also available in five variant colors, such as Bomber Blue, Tactical Tan, Rugged Red, Gorilla Gray, and Snow White.

• The bottom feet are designed using silicon rubber that handles static friction effectively. This promotes cooler stays regardless of the nature of the surface. You will also appreciate the reliable drain plug that generates rapid drain rates without plug removal.

• A Great accessory for whatever KONG you choose to purchase is the Cut’n Tray Cutting Board/Cooler Divider. What other rotomolded cooler offers a cutting board that latches to the sides of the cooler? This addition is great for cutting and strong while BPA-free. Where to store the cutting trays when done? How about inside the cooler as they double as separators for internal food or drinks.

• The Divider Trays are a fantastic addition to the interior of the cooler but when added as saddle tables the cooler just became your TABLE. But to be clear to use the side tables KONG requires the use of the KONG Kicker. The Kicker is a Stainless Steel support bar for the divider. One size does fit all, so if you’re wanting to use the dividers as a side table pick up the KICKER.

Pros and Cons


  • Kong Ice containers are among the top ice chests with the most prolonged ice retention thanks to their thick rot molded, quality seal as well as sturdy latches. A specific number of ice cubes left will depend on the model you opt for and the prevailing conditions.
  • These ice chests have an attractive and modern design. They stand out from the wide variety of coolers in the market due to the elegant design around the latches and handles. The Kong logo also looks great on the five available color options.
  • The coolers also have ridged handles that are super rigid and neat. Their padding consists of 3/16” nylon for a firm and comfortable grip even in wet conditions.
  • The manufacturer backs each cooler with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Available with various attachment points for attaching your Kong accessories such as Kong sticker, Cut/n Tray, or divider. These connection points can act as tie-downs for securing the cooler when cruising the water or hitting the road.


  • Due to their heavy-duty construction, they are not an inexpensive option for hard shell roto-molded coolers
  • Available in only four sizes


Kong Coolers are manufactured in the US and have vast experience in the icebox industry. They believe they can beat the competition in terms of build quality and ice retention. You can make your selection from the four sizes and five colors.

Build Quality: we like the Kong ice box’s build quality. It has incredibly thick walls, and all elements are made using advanced materials. It has features such as no-skid feet, a large rubber gasket, and drain plugs that offer exceptional utility. It also has plastic handles and a stay-put lid.

Ice retention: these coolers have the most extended ice retention, attributed to the quality, thick rotomolded seal, and robust latches. Expect up to a 7-day cooling under optimal conditions with this device.

Leaving Note

We love Kong coolers because of their impressive features and functionality. They have excellent ice retention figures and offer long-term utility. They look attractive, and we recommend adding these coolers to your shopping cart when looking for rotomolded hard-sided coolers.


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