What are the Top 17 Factors Hunters Need to Know and Consider before Buying an E-Bike

By Shaggy Outdoor Team

May 14, 2023

Bakcou Mule is the BEST e-bike on the market for Hunters and Anglers alike. Get to your hunting or fishing honey hole with this quiet electric bike.

Are you ready to buy an electric bike for hunting? Do you know everything that makes for a great hunting bike?

At Shaggy Outdoors we have come up with 17 factors that may influence your buying decision. Get all the information necessary before you purchase an electric bike right here in our blog.  

What are the 17 points of hunting EV Offroad bikes I should know? 

  1. Key difference between a street E-Bike and Offroad Hunting E-Bike
  2. Motor Power - Gearing and Power Supply
  3. Pedaling is Necessary
  4. Battery Life - Range in time and miles
  5. E-Bike Suspension for Hunting Bikes
  6. Speed: How Fast Can a Hunting Electric Bike Go
  7. Noise
  8. Weight Limits
  9. Bike Weight - hauling and transporting
  10. Durability
  11. Warranty
  12. Price
  13. Where Can I Ride my E-bike when Hunting
  14. Three Classes of E-Bikes
  15. E-Bikes still require Good Physical Conditioning
  16. Accessories for electric bikes
  17. Brands of Good Offroad and Hunting E-Bikes

Hunting using an Off-Road Electric Bike

As an avid hunter, I know that getting to my hunting spot quickly and quietly can be a challenge.  If you follow Shaggy Outdoors you know that we typically hunt in the Midwest (Wisconsin and Michigan) and Southwest (Arizona).

Having the right mode of transportation has always been a conversation over a few beers and campfires. We found early on that having a side-by-side or quad was a great vehicle when hunting Elk or Antelope in the Southwest. We found using these modes of transportation we were able to cover ground efficiently without the rough ride of a 4x4 truck. 

In the Midwest having a quad and side-by-side was overkill because we walked less than 1/2 mile to get to a tree stand or blind. But, we are always concerned about the trail of scent that may remain walking through the grass and woods. 

Covering ground both in the Southwest and Midwest is important and keeping our scent off the ground is very important when hunting animals like deer and elk.  

An e-bike makes it easy to cover longer distances quickly and quietly. With the electric motor assisting me, I can move quickly and with less effort through rough terrain, without making excessive noise or leaving a scent trail that could spook the game. Plus, with an electric bike, I can carry all my gear with me, including a bow or a rifle, a backpack, and even a tree stand if I need it, without worrying about getting tired or losing my balance. 

Using an e-bike allows me to explore new areas, scout for animals, and find the best vantage points, all without wasting valuable hunting time walking between locations. 

Is an E-bike right for you? Get all the information necessary right here and make an informed decision. 

What Are the Key Differences Between a Road E-Bike and a Hunting E-Bike

An excellent question...

Is there a difference? Yes, there are multiple differences and each of the other 16 areas discussed will talk about and highlight what makes up an off-road hunting electric bike. But what you need to know right now is these 6 Factors:

  1. Durability and Stability - an off-road electric bike will be constructed with a stronger frame and will have heavy-duty components.  
  2. Battery - the battery life with a high-quality bike will have 48 volts for more torque allowing for the best success riding hills. 
  3. Brakes and Components - you will get the best components that are available for off-road and higher speeds.
  4. Motors - your motor provides the watts and the watts provide the speed. The best hunting eBikes will have 750 or 1000 watts. Typical street bikes will have watts between 300-500. 
  5. Weight - you need to account for your overall weight and the weight of your accessories. Combining these will influence the battery you choose, the brakes & components, and the motor. The more weight the more you will need assistance when traveling on your bike. The Best E-Bikes will have a max weight allowance between 300-350 lbs so you can get yourself and gear when you're going.
  6. Tire Style - the fat tire is standard for all off-road hunting bikes. This is a durable tire choice that makes for easier stability and travel for hunters. Street bikes have narrower tires which would not work well on trails. 

A standard road electric bike with little to no hills or difficult terrain will have a lower-watt battery usually in the 300-500 watt range. The motor will be strong, but not rated to handle hills or heavy loads. The motor may be located within the hub of the wheels and sometimes the battery will be removable. The battery on a road bike maybe 17.5 Ah or less. The amp hour for a batter influences the charge and range for the bike.

Road bikes are great for local travel in light conditions with minimal difficult influences and shorter times between charging. Could they work for hunting, yes they could. But understand the durability and quality may be less and therefore they may not be able to take the rough terrain a hunter will likely travel. Additionally, a smaller battery may cause the hunter to get stranded if they don't have enough charge or amp hours. 

Price will influence all mountain bike-style off-road bikes. E-bikes are no exception. The price is influenced by the components of the bike. Like many brands, there are levels of components being manufactured and included on the bikes. To further get into the weeds of the bike components check out the manufacturer's website to get a deep dive into each bike's components and their quality. 

Best Motor Power, Gearing, and Power Supply for Hunting E-bikes

The motor is a vital component of any off-road electric bike. Having enough power or wattage will influence bikers' ability to travel on mountain trails or roads. Check out our blog "Hunter and Fisherman Guide to Understanding Electric Bike Motors" where we cover the two types of motors the mid-drive and the hub-drive. 

If you are hunting in a more flat ground location and carrying less weight, a lower wattage may be a good possibility. Having a lower-watt motor could influence the price and save some money.

Motor Power and Power Supply

When looking at hunting electric bikes our opinion is that 750-watt is the minimum requirement and if you can, get a 1000w motor that can be turned down to 750w in the control panel. The Bakcou Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike comes in 750w and 1000w configurations. But look closely, there is no difference in price. Why, the bike comes with a 1000w motor if you purchase the 750w they dial it down from the 1000w max before shipping. You can dial it up to 1000w at any time. So you get both a 750w and a 1000w for the same price. 

Check out the Top 15 Mid-Drive Motor Electric Bikes for Backcountry Hunters Comparison Review by Shaggy Outdoors. We show you the 15 Best mid-drive motor e-bikes. 

Make sure the max wattage is what the motor is rated for. Some manufacturers rate the wattage at, for example, 750w but the actual max output is something less. Therefore you may never get to the full max wattage for a motor. 


Gearing in a motor is very important to long life and durability. Having components made of lesser quality materials means they will likely break down and have a shorter life.

The Bafang mid-mount is 100% all metal gears. Understanding the component makeup will help you better understand the price and the ultimate quality of the bike. 

Bafang Motors in Bakcou eBikes. All metal gears.

Power Kicks in When Pedaling

There are three classes of E-bikes. Two of the three require continuous pedaling and ultimately the bike is a pedal assist. The third class has a throttle, and these electric bikes are typically used for road travel requiring possible licensing and not being able to be used on trails or bike paths. 

Class 1 and Class 3 E-bikes are pedal assist. You need to peddle to keep the bike engage and moving. 

The electric bike is not a motorcycle, you should consider it a mountain bike with help. The help comes from the motor which is geared and runs off the battery.

The assist is the mode for helping you climb hills and travel more easily on mountain trails and roads. 

Yes, you will need to pedal and if that is an issue normally, then an e-bike for hunting might not be your best choice. 

E-Bike Battery Safety Tips

Battery Life, Range, and Distance for eBikes for Hunters

Along with the motor, a vital addition is a battery included with your bike. Understand that the battery provides a few different and important factors. Check out our comprehensive guide Hunters and Anglers Guide to Understanding eBike Batteries where we go into details every hunter needs to know about e-bike batteries. Here are the two main factors you should understand about electric bike batteries. 

  1. Ah or amp hours (WH or Watt Hours) - tells you the range on a charge (assuming some standard metrics for usage)
  2. V or volt - is the power the battery is providing the motor to help assist it in pushing the bike forward

When choosing a bike you will be looking at factors including the "amp hours" or distance the bike can travel before recharging and the "volts" the battery puts out.

Batteries can come in all different sizes but what you need to understand is how many Ah or amp hours you can travel. Several factors could be included in the "actual" range the bike can travel. 

  1. What was the charge initially? Full Charge, 1/2 Charge, or something else.
  2. How much weight are you carrying? If you are maxing out the bike you could lose amp hours.
  3. Terrain - are you constantly going uphill? The terrain could influence how long the battery will last.
  4. Temperature - the temp of cold or heat could influence the actual amp hours

Again, this information is provided so you, as the end user, best understand the bike, components, and expectations of the bike. 

When looking for a hunting bike we suggest looking for a bike that has 48 volts (more horsepower) and higher Ah or "Amp Hours". A great combination would be 21 or 25 amp hours with 48 volts giving this batter the utmost opportunity for success.

E-Bike Suspension for Hunting Bikes: Full Suspension or Hardtail

Bike suspension for traditional mountain bikes and e-bikes is no different. There are two distinct options the hardtail (traditional) or the full-suspension frame. 

Choosing the right option for suspension can be difficult and three main factors come into deciding which riding style is right for you. Those are:

  1. Cost of a Full-Suspension Bike (typically $800 - $1200 more)
  2. The Terrain and Amount of Time You Will be on The Bike (full-suspension better for comfort on more difficult trails)
  3. Experience Level of Rider (hardtail best option for beginner to intermediate mountain bike users)

Hardtail Electric Bikes

This is the standard suspension bike. The normal bike a beginner or intermediate biker would use. They are more popular due to the price point of the bike. 

Hardtail bikes have a front fork suspension with a solid frame. The front fork typically has a coil system or air suspension forgiving the rugged road and bumps.

Hardtail bikes have both a front and rear derailleur giving more gearing options and the frame of a hardtail bike is solid and stronger giving the bike the ability to climb and navigate trails easily.

Full-Suspension Electric Bikes

The full-suspension mountain or electric hunting bike comes with a front fork suspension same as that of the hardtail bike, but it also comes with a rear shock to absorb the bumps and uneven terrain the rider will be traversing. 

The rear shock makes for a much more comfortable and enjoyable ride. The full suspension most definitely would be the better ride, but the addition of the shock helps keep the tires engaged with the ground and therefore more traction during the ride. 

The full-suspension bike is a two-piece bike. There is a mainframe and a swing arm. The rear shock attaches the two pieces. 

Figuring out the best type of suspension bike for you is a personal preference. Having the money and expectation you will be using this e-bike on the most difficult of trails, then the choice should be full-suspension like the Bakcou Storm which is a rugged, technical bike with full-suspension. 

EBike Generation Home Page - Get all the Gear and electric bike options

Speed: How Fast Can A Hunting Electric Bike Go

This is a classic case of what manufacturers say and what actually can be accomplished.

Electric bikes come in Three Classes. Class 1 and Class 2 have a max pedal-assist of 20mph. That means when the bike reaches 20 mph the motor stops assisting the rider and should max out at 20 mph. The Class 3 e-bikes can max out with pedal assist at 28mph. The Class 3 E-bike can have different requirements and restrictions depending on where it is being ridden. Consult your state's riding requirements for electric bikes and make sure you know their requirement for State Land and Federal Land in your area.

However, those figures are true "testing" and max capabilities put out by several manufacturers. The truth is the max speed has to do with other factors including the terrain, weight on the bike, battery, motor, and your ability to pedal will all play into the speed capabilities of your e-bike.

You should be concerned about the battery and motor for the electric bike you are purchasing for hunting over what the top speed of the bike is on a flat paved ground. The battery and motor influence your ability to get in front of your game before they get out of sight. 

is it a ebike or not. a quick reference to ebike classifications by Rectrix

Noise for Riders on the Trail

When we're hunting there are many concerns and issues we have. One such issue is scaring our game by walking through the woods or using a side-by-side or quad vehicle that makes a lot of noise. 

A benefit of the eBike for hunting is the quiet nature of the ride. You need to get in front of a herd or elk before they get away. The side-by-side or truck could scare them away while the quiet electric bike gets you there with little to no noise influencing the animals. 

If the game is a ways off, most likely you will not be able to run or jog to the spot in time to get off a shot. The electric bike is a game changer for hunting. You save energy getting to the right spot and you are not winded trying to take a risky shot. 

In Arizona, in several of the units we hunt, we can see for several miles. The problem is we are typically glassing and need to get to a spot quickly and quietly. The e-bike for hunting has been our way to take advantage of the situation without scaring off the animals. 

In Michigan, we have used bikes to get to our stands quicker and with less ground noise and impact leaving our scent along the trail. The deer don't appear to be too concerned over the rider and while they get a little hesitant, the riders are typically past them and out to the blinds before the animals are aware. 

Weight Limits or Payload Capacity for Hunting E-Bikes

Each bike model will have a slightly different weight limit. Typically, a well-constructed electric bike for hunting has the most durable frame and suspension, and it will have a max weight limit of 300 lbs. The FAT-AWD by Eunorau has a manufactured reported max weight of 350 lbs which for a single tire configuration is a whole lot of weight. 

A 300lb capacity is a bike that is equipped by the manufacturer and without accessories or a rider. 

When figuring out your weight overall, consider any rifle or bow racks, and accessory racks on the back and your weight. Your weight includes you, the clothes, and any backpacks or equipment you are hauling.

This is where the true hunting electric bike will be most beneficial. Having the capability to carry all your gear and still ride your bike will get you where you need to go. 

Quiet E-bikes for hunters. Eunorau Ebike Specter-S 2023 is the newest and best electric bike option

Bike Weight - Hauling and Transporting

You just picked up a new hunting e-bike and CRAP it doesn't fit in the car and you can't pick it up. 

Yes, the e-bikes you are looking at for hunting are heavier than traditional mountain bikes and lighter-weight street e-bikes.

Here are a few of the Best E-Bikes for Hunting and their weight (no accessories) some provide the overall weight with the battery and some don't. The difference is the bikes can come with different battery options and the manufacturer is letting you know the weight overall without the battery option.

Along with the bike, you may need a new way to transport the bike to your hunting location. With the weight of the bike at or above 70 lbs, you may consider using a truck hitch carrier geared for dirt bikes. An example would be this one which is a steel motorcycle carrier. It can carry an e-bike, dirt bike, or scooter. It has a ramp and anti-tilt anti-wobble configuration. 

Steel Motorcycle Carrier - max weight 500 lbs - check price on Amazon!

Make sure you consider the overall weight of your e-bike before you purchase. If you struggle to pick up heavier objects or don't have a ramp or other way to get the bike into the truck, this might not be the best option for you. 

How Durable is an E-Bike for Hunting

Like many hunting products, price and brand will reflect the durability of a product. The top-of-the-line hunting electric bikes will have the best frames, quality welds, and top-of-the-line components. All these factors into the durability of a bike.

The aluminum frame is the most common with an alloy of 6061. This makes for a sturdy and durable frame. The suspensions, gearing, and wheels will make for the best overall bike and a lifetime of use.

Overall, the components are similar to that of a traditional mountain bike. The gears, breaks, forks, etc. will need to be updated at some point and maintained after each use. 

The better you take care of your eBike the longer it will last and the more durable it will be. Check your components before every ride and make sure your battery is charged. 

What is a Typical Warranty for a Hunting E-Bike

Like with many warranty options "buyer beware". Read and understand each manufactures warranty and all the complex warranty information. There are opportunities to buy an extended warranty when you purchase, but here is a brief overview of what we found looking at the Rambo Bikes, Eunorau Bike, and Bakcou Bike Warranties.

All have a 1-year limited warranty. Each covers different components within that limited warranty period.

Items typically included in a 1-year Limited Manufacturer Warranty - registered to the original owner are typically only covered. 

  • Battery - not to include improper charging, water damage
  • Frame
  • Motor
  • Controller
  • Wiring Harness
  • LCD Display

Eunorau e-bike frames are covered by a replacement warranty for 5 years based on the frame production date.

Rambo e-bike frames are warranted against factory defects for the lifetime of the original purchaser - not transferable.

No manufacturer will cover the battery for faulty charging or damage. Warranties also won't cover normal wear and tear. Wear and tear includes consumable parts including tires, tubes, brake pads, chains, pedals, kickstands, etc...

Refer to the specific manufacturer's warranty for each bike you are looking to purchase. If you are purchasing at a local retailer, check with them prior to purchasing to see what warranties they might offer.

Price of Hunting e-Bikes

Electric bikes have prices that range from less than $1,000 to over $8,000. The factors that influence the price include; frame, components, motor, battery or batteries, warranty, tires, chain, brakes, suspension, and more...

All these factors go into the price of e-bikes!

Choosing the best option for you might need to start with the price. What is the top dollar that you can or are willing to spend on a hunting e-bike? Once you decide on your max allowable price, then you can narrow down your choices.

Our suggestion would be to check out the eBike Generation website. They offer Bakcou Bikes, QuietKat Bikes, and Rambo Bikes. All good choices for hunting bikes. Another great option would be  Eunorau e-bikes they have a few heavy-duty hunting bikes that may pique your interest. Retailers such as Sportsman's Warehouse carry the QuietKat lineup of hunting bikes and accessories. 

Check out the lineup of Bakcou Hunting Bikes at eBike Generation - Click Here Now

Where Can I Legally Ride My Hunting Electric Bike

This topic is a live and ever-flowing answer. There are different regulations and laws for each city, state, county, territory, BLM Lands, State Lands, and Federal Lands. There are different rules and regulars for each hiking trail and backwoods trail.

There are a lot of different rules for this topic and each trail or mountain may have different regulations.

Knowing there are three classes of electric bikes will help you understand some of the rules better. In the following section we go into the different classes a little more, but for what you need to know here and now Class 1 and Class 2 are typically allowed on most sidewalks and trails that allow for mountain bikes. Class 3 is typically considered only a road e-bike and cannot be used on normal mountain bike trails, sidewalks, or other non-authorized vehicle travel roads and trails.

The e-bike regulations for each state are different and each state may have a different name than electric or e-bike. On the eBike Generation website, you can check out their E-Bike Laws in the USA by State.  Here you will be able to see what states allow what means of travel on typically public roads.

Make sure you check with local authorities for changes or different laws governing electric bikes on their land. The BLM has a very informative website. 

3 Classes of E-Bikes. Class 1 and 3 are pedal assist and Class 2 has a throttle.

To Officially be Classified as an E-Bike the Bike Must fall into 1 of 3 Classes

I gave it away in the photo above. The three classes of e-bikes and what is required to be classified into each. For a comprehensive review of the three classes check out our What E-Bike Class Can I Use for Hunting article. 

The great thing about some of the best hunting bikes is they can be modified to be one or all of the three different classes. You can sometimes purchase one bike and use it for all three scenarios. 

Knowing the Class of the e-bike, now you can look up your city or county rules for electric bike use. There are different rules for remote roads and trails and you need to make sure you are following all rules of the land. 

Don't use a Class 3 bike if you are traveling on a non-motorized road or trail. You will be breaking the law!

Good Physical Workout

Riding an e-bike is more physical than many presume. You are riding a bike and you need to be in good enough physical condition to pedal the bike, keep your balance, and control your bike.

The eBike is only as good as the person riding it. If you cannot ride the bike at your home on flat ground with limited obstacles you should not consider using it for your next hunting trip.

If you are looking to get into shape before your next hunting trip. Mtn Ops provides some of the best supplements and weight loss information. Check out their Elk Fit Program if you are looking for a good pre-hunting workout plan. 

No matter, if you are planning on riding an e-bike or hiking the backcountry, getting into the best shape possible, will make your hunt more enjoyable. 

Accessories for Your Hunting E-Bike

Accessories for the Hunters E-bike. Thermal Battery Jacket by Bakcou
Accessories for the Hunters E-Bike. Bakcou Trail Side Repair Kit
Accessories for the Hunters e-Bike. Bakcou Single Wheel Trailer
Accessories for a Hunters E-Bike. Bakcou Rain Cover
Accessories for a Hunters Electric Bike.
Accessories for a Hunters Electric Bike. Saddle Bags for e-bike by Bakcou.

There are many accessories for your e-Bike. We only provided a few options above to get your thoughts and juices flowing. 

Eunorau has a long lineup of accessories for your Hunting E-Bike

eBike Generation has several accessories for your electric bike for Bakcou, Rambo, and QuietKat bikes. 

What are the Top E-Bike Brands for Hunters in 2023

There are hundreds of e-bike brands on the market and every time I turn around there is another entering the market. Not all e-bikes manufactured are good for hunters. Figuring out which ones are the best, takes time and research. 

For hunters, we've done the research for you. We know The Top 5 Hunting Bike Brands that provide the best e-bike for hunters. They offer the best in class warranty, they have been field tested and they have the best components. 

Check out Amazon for e-bikes for hunting and you will get around 170 results. There are more options than you can imagine for street electric bikes. But again these are for normal road travel and not hiking and mountain bike trails. 

Here are Five Excellent E-Bike Choices - Brands and Models you should consider. Again, price is a huge decision-maker for your e-bike purchase so check out a few bikes and their component options before making a decision.


Electric Bikes for Hunting. What are the factors that every hunter should know before they choose and bike.

Check Price on eBike Generation Website


What E-Bike Class Can I Use for Hunting? 3 Types Explained

Check Price on eBike Generation Website

Check Price on Sportsman's Warehouse Website 


Top 5 e-bike brands for Hunters by Shaggy Outdoors

Check Price on the Rambo Website

Rungu Dualie

Top 5 Electric Bike Brands for Hunters

Check Price on eBike Generation website


Quiet E-bikes for hunters. Eunorau Ebike Specter-S 2023 is the newest and best electric bike option

Check Price on Eunorau E-Bike Website

Final Thoughts on E-Bikes Use for Hunting

There is no doubt that an electric bike would be a beneficial addition to any hunter's gear. The bikes are super easy to ride and give every hunter the ability to move quickly and quietly through mountain trails or woods. 

At Shaggy Outdoors we see all the advantages of using an e-bike when we are out hunting. We probably won't get rid of the side-by-side anytime soon, but having an electric bike makes for a more interesting hunt. 

Give a good look at electric bikes if you are hunting on private land or public lands as an e-bike can cover ground much faster than you can on foot. If you have a e-bike trailer you don't have to worry about how to get your animal back to camp. Pack up your carcass and gear and head back to the truck. 

A trailer for the e-bike comes in handy when getting to those remote campsites and allows you to get your game back to the truck with fewer hiking miles on your feet. 

At Shaggy Outdoors we hope your next hunting adventure brings joy and success. See you in the woods!


What are the different E-Bike Classes?

There are 3 Classes of electric bikes. Class 1 and Class 3 are pedal assist. Meaning when the rider is pedaling the motor assists the rider. Class 2 has a motor that can propel the bike without assistance. Read the rules for the roads in your neighborhood or city where the e-bikes can be ridden. Class 3 e-bikes are typically not allowed on mountain bikes or hiking trails. No bikes are allowed on trails that do not allow bikes. Make sure you check with the local authorities before your trip to verify if your bike is allowed. 

Does the E-Bike Class influence where I can ride my bike?

Yes, your e-bike will have a classification of 1, 2, or 3. Knowing your bike's classification will help you determine where you can ride the bike. Typically, Class 1 and 2 are allowed on standard bike paths and sidewalks, while Class 3 have additional restrictions and in some instances are considered motorized vehicles. Make sure you understand where you plan on riding the e-bike and clearly read and understand the laws before taking the bike out. 

Are e-Bike and electric bikes the same?

Yes, the terms e-bike and electric bike are one and the same. An e-bike has 3 Classes based on how the motor assists the rider. An EV bike is also an electric bike and a off-road e-bike is one that is typically for mountain trails and used by hunters. 

What is an off-road electric bike?

An off-road e-bike is one that is designed to be taken on trails and terrain other than a standard city street. The bike configuration will be more durable, the tires are typically fat, and the suspension could include a rear shock. Most off-road e-bikes are configured with motors producing 750-1000 watts of power and have batteries with 48 volts and 25 amp hours. Overall, the off-road electric bike can be used on normal streets and on mountain trails. 

Does the batteries amp hours influence my riding range?

Yes, the lower the Ah or "amp hours" the less time you will have on the trail and the more frequently you will need to charge the battery. Hunters should look for batteries that have an "amp-hour" of 19.2 or higher to get the most time and use from a fully charged battery. 

How many volts should my battery have as a trail rider?

Volts for a battery are referring to the "power" output allowed. It is also known as the torque being put out. A hunter's e-bike that he expects to take on rolling hills or mountain terrain should have a higher overall volt number such as 48. This will give the rider more torque riding the hills and if carrying a full load and pulling a trailer you will want the most power available. 

Where is the mid-drive motor located?

Mid-drive motors are located between the pedals of the bike. The motor is centered in the middle of the frame. A mid-drive motor will typically have more torque and operate more efficiently. 

Where is the hub-drive motor located?

Hub-drive motors are located either in the front or rear wheel of the bike. Most common is the rear wheel location but a bike could have a motor in one or both locations. These types of hunting e-bike motor locations are typically less expensive. 

Do I need a Full Suspension e-Bike for Hunting

No, there is no requirement for a full-suspension e-bike when hunting. The standard e-bike for hunters is a hardtail. This makes for the most affordable bike for hunters. The full-suspension bike has a rear shock along with the front fork suspension. The full-suspension bike can have a more comfortable ride, but this type of bike is best suited for those who have extensive experience riding mountain trails. 

How much does a typical hunting e-bike weigh?

Hunting e-bikes can weigh between 60 and 100 lbs. Be certain you understand the weight. Many bikes provide a manufactured weight between 60-70 lbs. This may not include the battery. Battery weights vary greatly and you should be certain when analyzing different bikes what the weight entails. If you are looking at an overall weight between 80-100 lbs, most likely that includes the battery. Bikes with two front tire configurations can have overall weights over 100 lbs. 

Do I need to be in shape to use a hunting electric bike?

Class 1 and 3 electric bikes are pedal assist. You will need to pedal the bike to go. If you are unable to pedal a traditional bike then a hunting electric bike may not be the right choice. Along with being in shape for pedaling, you will need to be able to keep balanced if you have a load on the bike or have a backpack. Make sure you start training on flat roads and trails before you venture into the more difficult backcountry trails. 

Will an e-bike for hunting pull a deer from the woods?

Yes, between your pedaling efforts and the motor assist and power provided by the battery, you will be able to pull an average size deer. You're bike may lose battery based on the extra load, but keep track of your monitor. A trailer may be a better choice if you will be using an e-bike to get your animal out of the woods. Trailers have wheels and that configuration makes for easier and more efficient towing. 

Will my e-bike cause trail damage?

Trails designed for mountain bikes are constructed for any damage that may be caused by the tires. The fat tire configuration has more rubber engaging with the ground and therefore should lessen the impact on the trail. However, the speed and style of riding will or could impact a hiking trail. Understand the rules of the hiking or biking trails before you go. 

What is the hunting e-bike weight limit?

Each bike will have a max weight limit allowable for warranty purposes. Most e-bikes are constructed to have a max limit of 300 lbs. Some are constructed and have weight limits higher at 350 lbs and every weight in between. Know your weight, the weight of the gear, and account for that before heading out to the trails. 

What should I look for when deciding on a battery for my hunting e-bike?

When deciding on a e-bike for hunting consider finding and purchasing the best combination of "amp hours" and "volts". The higher the Ah or Amp Hours the longer the battery charge and possibly longer the time between charges. The Volts are a gauge of the torque or power. A 48-volt batter will be best for using the bike on a trail or mountain hills. Torque helps you climb hills easier. 

What should I know about e-bike motor construction?

The motor for a hunting electric bike should be 750 to 1000 watts. This will give the rider more speed. The components of the motor are important. Are the components made with nylon gearing or all metal gears? The nylon gearing has the ability to wear out sooner, while the all-metal gears typically last longer. 

What is the average range for a hunting e-bike?

The range of an electric bike refers to the time between charges or possible miles between charges. The amp hours influence the manufacturer's "typical" time for a battery. The lower Ah the less time the bike can be used between charges. A good choice for hunting bikes would be a battery with an Amp Hour above 19. The distance a bike can travel based on the manufacturer can vary. Most manufacturers don't give you specifics on time or distance when considering mountain hiking trails and more difficult hills or terrain a hunter can travel. QuietKat Apex has a 16Ah/48V battery and they advertise the range between 24-48 miles, depending on load.