Best 3D Archery Targets for Bow Hunters

By Shaggy Outdoor Team

July 11, 2022

Shaggy Outdoors 3D Javelina Target

Grab a Big Game 3D Target to up your Arrow Accuracy!

To make the perfect shot in the field a hunter needs to spend hours on the range practicing their shot. Shooting at stationary square targets is a great way to get your training and muscles in shape. Muscle memory is one of the most important factors for archers.

But once you have your pins set at 20, 30, 40, 60, and all the way up to 100 yards it’s now time to hone your skills with some 3D target shooting.

When I practice with my Block Target, I’m relatively accurate, but when that 3D target is setting there 40 yards from my position all hell breaks loose.

I spend as much time working with my 3D Javelina target up to 30 yards as I do my block. But the true-to-life size Javelina targets make me focus even more on my kill shot and this makes me a better hunter in the field.

While there are several brands and style 3D targets on the market, we’ve put together a list of “must-have” targets to get you working on a better arrow grouping.

We have larger big game animals and a few fun targets to really get your accuracy under control.

3D archery targets are fun for the whole family and yep you and your buddies will get a little competitive around the range or campsite when you pick up a few of these targets.

If you are looking for a traditional style target we have a review on the Top 9 Best Archery Targets for Beginners.

Traditional targets are both useful tools to get archers prepared for their hunt but also are fun and exciting to get some competitive juices flowing. Compete with your spouse for who cooks dinner or your buddies for bragging right throughout the seasons. Either way, getting your shots in will make you a better bow and arrow hunter by making good shots and an ethical kill. 

Shaggy Outdoors Team - Top 3D Choices

Pick #1 - Shaggy Outdoors Team Top Pick

Rinehart 1/3 Scale Woodland Elk Archery Target

We have placed this target as our #1 choice for two reasons. First, the quality of these 3D targets by Rinehart is second to none and Second the size is small for an elk but the right size for a mule deer or whitetail deer. Therefore we bought this target to practice both Elk and Deer species. The use of broadheads allows us to get a better understanding of our arrow flight and movement. A++ for this target

Pick #2 - Shaggy Outdoors Team Top Pick 

Delta McKenzie Javelina 3D Archery Target

As you can tell from the initial picture at the top of this page, we shoot our Javelina often. This target takes shots and keeps going. Changing sides allows for more shots and the replaceable targets gets us years with this body. 

We selected the Javelina as our second pick. This target is fun for the size. We shoot typically out to 40 yards on this target but the sweet spot is focusing in between 20-25 yards. The size of this target works well for getting the group tight. A+ for this target

What Type of Materials are Most 3D Targets Made of?

3D archery targets are constructed using various materials to provide a realistic feel and durability for many practice shots. Materials will vary but here are some common materials used:

  1. Foam:

    • Closed-cell Foam: This is a popular choice as it's lightweight and durable. It can withstand multiple arrow hits without losing its shape.
    • Layered Foam: Targets may consist of layers of foam, allowing for easy arrow removal and extending the target's lifespan.
  2. Self-healing Materials:

    • Some targets use self-healing foam or materials that can absorb the impact of arrows and close up around the entry points, reducing wear and tear.
  3. Rubber:

    • Rubberized 3D targets offer a good balance of durability and arrow removal ease. They are resistant to weather conditions and can be suitable for outdoor use.
  4. Polyethylene:

    • Targets made from polyethylene are resistant to UV rays and moisture, making them suitable for outdoor use. They are often sturdy and can withstand repeated use.
  5. HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene):

    • This is a tough and durable material that can handle arrow impacts well. HDPE targets are known for their longevity and resistance to weather elements.
  6. Paper:

    • Some 3D targets use layered paper or cardboard. While not as durable as foam or rubber, they are cost-effective and can still provide a good shooting experience.
  7. Fabric and Fillers:

    • Some 3D targets have a fabric exterior filled with various materials like foam or other fillers. This combination provides a realistic look while maintaining durability.

When choosing a 3D archery target, considerations include the type of arrows you'll be using, the intended use (indoor or outdoor), and the level of realism you desire. Each material has its advantages, so it's essential to select one that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Are all 3D Targets Capable of Taking Shots from a Crossbow Bolt?

Not all 3D targets are suitable for use with crossbow bolts. Crossbow bolts typically have higher velocities and more kinetic energy compared to traditional arrows, which can lead to greater impact force. As a result, some 3D targets may not be designed to withstand the force generated by crossbow bolts and could be damaged upon impact.

If you plan to use a 3D archery target with crossbow bolts, it's crucial to check the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations for the specific target you're interested in. Look for targets explicitly labeled or advertised as suitable for crossbow use. These targets are often reinforced or designed to handle the increased impact force associated with crossbow shooting.

Using a target that is not designed for crossbow bolts may lead to premature wear, damage, or even safety concerns. Always prioritize safety and follow the guidelines provided by both the target and crossbow manufacturers to ensure a positive and secure shooting experience.

8 Top 3D Choices for Bow Hunters

At Shaggy Outdoors, we want to provide the best information to help you make a good choice for archery shooting gear. 3D targets are no exception. As avid archers we feel every hunter will gain better shooting skills when utilizing a 3D target before their hunt. Whether you're a seasoned bowhunter or just stepping into the realm of archery, our expertise will help elevate your shooting experience.

In this blog, we've curated the top eight 3D archery targets that stand out as the best in the market. Each target has been carefully selected based on durability, realism, and overall performance. These targets not only mimic the appearance of game animals with striking accuracy but also provide a valuable tool for enhancing your shooting skills.

At Shaggy Outdoors, we firmly believe that incorporating 3D archery targets into your practice routine is a game-changer for bowhunters. The immersive experience offered by these targets not only adds an element of realism to your training but also significantly improves personal shooting accuracy. Whether you're honing your skills for the upcoming hunting season or simply enjoying the art of archery, our recommended 3D targets are your key to precision and success.

Let the adventure begin!

#1. Rinehart Cinnamon Bear 3D Archery Target

The bear target for archers has a solid self-healing foam that helps the Rinehart targets last longer. The target is weather-proof and ideal for four-season shooting. This target expresses a real-life experience for a big game target. The design of the target area is for recurve, compound, and crossbow shooters. The targets allow for field point, fixed broadhead, and expandable broadhead practice for the ultimate real hunt experience.  Get to hitting the right spot by starting your 3D target adventure with a Rinehart.

  • 26" tall 
  • 28" long 
  • Use with Field Points and Broadheads


  • Easy arrow removal
  • Great size for backyard shooting
  • Practice with broadheads or field points 
  • Reasonable Price


  • Replacement parts were reported to be hard to replace 

#2. Delta McKenzie Javelina 3D Archery Target

The Peccary or more often called the Javelina, can be found in the southwest United States. We hunt the Javelina yearly with our bows and sometimes riffle in Arizona. Often confused with a pig, the animal is actually in the peccary family and Arizona has the collared peccary as our inhabitant. This animal is generally speaking small size between 35-55 lbs. The eyesight of the Javelina is poor, but their smell is excellent and they are a ferocious animal when cornered or attacked. Many residents in Arizona have Javelina traveling through the washes and common areas. 

The Javelina by Delta McKenzie has a solid body with a replaceable shooting insert. There is a Universal Scoring Ring and you can shoot from both sides. A great target for years of shooting. This was Kyle's first 3D target that we still shoot at after owning it for 5 years. 

  • 35" tall 
  • 24" long
  • 2-sided shooting target
  • Size mimics a 45lb live Javelina
  • Use with Field Points and Broadheads
  • Scoring Rings for Entertainment


  • The perfect 3D option for youth beginner archer shooters
  • Small and compact for backyard shooting
  • Reasonable Price
  • Works great for all bow types


  • Difficult when new to remove arrows 
e-bikes for hunting big game in the southwest.

#3. Rinehart Javelina 3D Archery Target

The Javelina while looking like a small pig is not of the pig family at all. If you are an avid hunter in the Southwest portion of the United States you have come across these tiny ferocious critters hunting deer, bear, quail, or even dove.

The Javelina Series by Rinehart has a solid, UV-resistant FX Foam body with a solid Signature, Self-Healing Foam replaceable insert. The real-life design has a true-to-form size and is a great 3D practice target.

  • 20" tall
  • 30" long
  • 2-sided shooting target
  • Size mimics a 65lb live Javelina
  • Use with Field Points and Broadheads
  • Scoring Rings for Entertainment


  • The perfect 3D option for youth beginner archer shooters
  • Small and compact for backyard shooting
  • Reasonable Price
  • Works great for all bow types


  • Difficult when new to remove arrows 

#4. Rinehart Broadhead Buck

This life size deer 3D Target is optimal for peak shooting performance. The design of this deer gives shooters the anatomical practice shots they need to make a critical kill shot in the field. Practice with your field points or your broadheads to get the best account of your shot. One side is sculptured and the other is outlined. There are no scoring rings on this 3D target.

  • 28" height
  • 45" length
  • Use with Field Points and Broadheads
  • Open anatomy design to help with shot placement 


  • Vital area design to check arrow placement
  • Broadhead shooting is available
  • Solid set-up for easy shooting  


  • Extensive broadhead use will shorten the life of the target
  • No replacement core

Need a Rinehart Broadhead / Woodland Buck Replacement Insert? 

Don't buy a new target when replacing the insert will get you shooting again. Rinehart's Woodland Jimmy Archery Target has replacement inserts. Get years of shooting with one 3D target by buying new inserts vs new targets.  

#5. Rinehart 1/3 Scale Woodland Mini Elk Archery Target


This is a mini target to get good practice at shooting at this larger animal in the wild. The kill area is an actual size that provides an insert for continuous shooting and replacing once worn out.

Smaller mini size represents a 600 lb elk in the field. The 20-yard shot represents a 60-yard field shot.

  • 44" Length - remember 1/3 size of 600 lb bull elk
  • Compound & Crossbow Compatible
  • Solid Signature Foam Replacement Inserts (sold separately)
  • Solid FX Foam Body
  • Poly-fused Cellular Foam
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty on Workmanship


  • 2-sided shooting target
  • Vital organ and 3D ring set-up
  • Replaceable Inserts 
  • Great for Live Action Shooting
  • While an Elk Design comes as good practice for Deer due to the 1/3 size 


  • Small non-representative of true live elk size 
  • Size prohibits movability 

Need a Rinehart Woodland 1/3 Elk Replacement Insert? 

Don't buy a new target when replacing the insert will get you shooting again. 

#6. Rinehart Woodland Strutting Turkey 3D Archery Target 

One of the largest ultra-real targets on the market for a strutting turkey. What a practice target as this 3D target gives you a life size offering of the shooting zone. The body is made of Rinehart durable FX Foam for ultimate believability and target life. But not only a real life look but the target material makes for easy arrow removal. The replaceable insert allows for years of shooting life for this 3D Target.

  • Signature Rinehart Foam Insert
  • Solid Rinehart FX Foam Body
  • Scoring Rings 
  • 25.5" tall and 20" long


  • Insert holds up to large number of shots
  • Size is ideal for real life shots


  • Arrow removal can be difficult in the beginning 

#7. Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target

One of the most reasonably priced 3D targets on the market for whitetail deer. The shooting area allows for field tip, fixed blade, and expandable blade shooting practice. Ground stakes are provided to secure the 3D target for controlled shooting. This buck is represented to be approximately 25% larger than similar bucks on the market.

  • 31" shoulder height
  • Represents a 125lb whitetail buck
  • All-weather Design 
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Replaceable Inserts 


  • 4-season usage
  • Replaceable inserts
  • Self-standing design
  • Best value for 1st 3D Target for beginner or intermediate archer 


  • Price reflects quality
  • Tends to fall over easy 
  • Legs are foam not hard plastic
  • Foam was soft and therefore wore out faster

#8. Delta McKenzie Antelope 3D Archery Target

This is a must to add to your 3D target lineup. This 3D target is a great size and durable. Replacement parts include the head, body, front legs, back legs, and core. So you can shoot every part of this target and not worry about replacement parts.

The E-Z Flex Foam core allows for easy arrow removal but also makes for a stronger center mass for shooting. The coloring and lifelike nature of this pronghorn makes for an enjoyable shoot.

  • E-Z Flex Foam Core
  • Replacement Parts available 
  • 41" high and 42.5" body length 
  • 11" body width
  • Scoring rings


  • Capable of 300-350 fps shooting
  • Cat replace just about every part 
  • Practice with field point, broadheads, or expandable 
  • Easily broken down for storage or travel


  • Only con found was buyer reported ears were not attached and had cheap staple type attachment 

Need a Delta McKenzie Antelope Vital Replacement Insert? 

Don't buy a new target when replacing the insert will get you shooting again. 

Fun Shooting Targets Mini Size

Delta McKenzie Woodchuck Shaggy Outdoors

Delta McKenzie Woodchuck 3D Target

Rinehart Bobcat Shaggy Outdoors

Rinehart Bobcat 3D Archery Target 

Final Words on 3D Archery Targets 

We believe a great shooter can hit his target 9 out of 10 times in the spot he or she chooses. In the field, when you are staring down a big game species or checking out the rack on top of his head, your aim gets worse. 

When you shoot at 3D targets you get used to visually seeing the animal. The dimensions of the animal change and with practice on a 3D target you can work within the body size of the animal.

Are you ready to take the next step and get 3D shooting? Once you get used to this type of target you will look for the 3D shootouts found across the United States to show your stuff.

When shooting at targets make sure you consider all the angles you may find yourself shooting at. Recently, I was hunting out of a tree in Michigan and never practiced these shots before I took aim at my first buck. The shot was terrible and I felt miserable after. Take the time to practice as much as possible to hone in on your shot placement. 

Are you heading into the field and looking for some easy-up decoys for antelope or elk? Check out our review of the Montana Decoy company. 

Archery Target FAQ

What is a 3D Archery Target?

3D Archery Targets are targets that look like the animal being shot at. The dimensional aspect of the target works to give the archer another angle to shoot at. The 3D targets also provide typical body so the archer can work on hitting the vital areas of the animal to make for a quick kill. 3D targets are also used in archery challenges as they have point rings on the target. The center point is typically the smallest ring and highest points.

What is the best backyard archery target?

Shooting in your backyard should only be done with caution. What target is best? That depends on the size of your backyard, your capabilities, and your distance.

A good rule of thumb is a block style target works good in the 22-28 inch size category.

How far away should an archery target be for a beginner?

This is a great question. For all beginner archers, a great starting point would be 10 yards. Once you have good results at that distance you can move back to 15, 20, and 25 yards. We recommend if you are practicing to stay at 20 yards or less till you can shoot 30-40 arrows with no trouble. Understand the distance that involves the bow, sights, poundage of the bow, and your capabilities.

Can Archery Targets be left outside?

Many targets are four-season targets and can be outside for a period of time. Some are noted to be 100% waterproof while others are water-resistant. Read the labels and manufacturer information to understand your target’s true capabilities.