Top 9 Best Archery Targets for Beginners

By Shaggy Outdoor Team

July 9, 2022

Block Targets Used by Shaggy Outdoors Team

Bow Targets for Beginning Archers

Archery is very popular with the hunter and non-hunters alike. In today’s practice ranges, I find more non-hunters at the archery range just trying a sport they never had before. Like shooting a gun, they find themselves challenged and that engages them in the nuance of drawing back on the string, lining up the sight, and releasing the arrow to hit a mark.

When getting into the sport of archery one item you will purchase will be an archery target. Whether that target is a block style or bag, no matter the style the true fun will be aiming the arrow and hitting your market.

We have provided the Best 9 Archery Targets for Beginners. These are based on our opinion and can be purchased by clicking on the links provided.

These targets can be used for both beginners and for those more advanced archers. The price point of these targets is well within a reasonable price range for beginners.

These targets are typical square-style targets that could be stood on the ground independently or hung from a bag archery target stand

Most of these targets are for youth or beginning adults that shoot a lower poundage bow. For you archers shooting higher FPS (foot-pounds per second), we offer you a review of more advanced targets and 3D targets that we have reviewed. 

Shaggy Outdoors Team - Top Target Pics

Before we show you the best archery targets, take a look at our top choices for beginner shooters. These two options we have owned and have used personally for years. 

Pick #1 - Shaggy Outdoors Team Top Pick

Field Logic Black Hole Archery Target 18”

  • We have had this target for over 4 years and have had little to no issues. The target is a great size to take on the road and is a block style and able to handle the broadheads.

Pick #2 - Shaggy Outdoors Team Top Pick 

Block Classic Archery target 

  • This is a new version of the original classic
  • * see above our picture of the original after taking some hits.
  • 2-sided Target
  • 18" x 18" x 14"
  • Also available in 20" and 22" models
  • High contrast white on black points to aim at
  • Portable to take on the road to your camp

Pick #3 - Shaggy Outdoors Team Top Pick 

Field Logic Hurricane Cat 5 High Energy Bag Archery Target

  • This is also a great target for practicing with field points. Great for both a beginner and intermediate archer. 
  • Check out our Bag Stand Review

Practice Archery Targets for the Next Generation Hunter

Get onboard with archery shooting. You don't have to hunt animals to be an archer. Get into the crossbow, recurve, or compound bow shooting for the excitement. You never know where the sport will take you. 

#1. Field Logic Black Hole Archery Target 18”

This archery target is fantastic for the beginner. You have a target that can be used for field points and fixed blades. Having a target you can shoot your broadhead into is important to check the flight of the arrow as sometimes a field point and broadhead arrow can have different flight paths.

  • 18" Target 
  • 4-sided shooting target
  • “Wrapped” side for strength and stability
  • Use with Field Points and Broadheads
  • Multi-sided aiming points for difficulty
  • “Open-Face” design for real-life arrow training


  • Lightweight and easy to take into the field for last minute shooting
  • Small and compact for backyard shooting
  • Solid Materials for extended life
  • Reasonable Price


  • Small in size and not optimal for those longer practice shots
  • Not good for poundage above 70 as arrow goes through the target at close range

#2. Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target Multi-color

This target is for those beginners that shoot a compound bow at 40lbs or less. This target will give ease of arrow removal and longer target life for those beginner archers.

  • 18" Height 
  • 2-sided shooting target
  • “Wrapped” side for strength and stability
  • Use with Field Points and Broadheads
  • “Open-Face” design for real-life arrow training


  • The perfect option for youth beginner archer shooters
  • Small and compact for backyard shooting
  • Easy removal of arrows for youth
  • Reasonable Price
  • Works great for recurve and compound bows


  • Small in size and not optimal for those longer practice shots
  • Youth only target, not good for higher poundage bows

#3. Field Logic Black Hole 22" – 4-Sided Archery Target

Field Logic Archery Target uses friction to stop the arrows. This stronger and more durable design and utilizing broadheads and field points for your shooting pleasure.

  • 22" Height x 20" Wide x 11" Depth Design
  • 4-sided shooting target
  • “Wrapped” side for strength and stability
  • Use with Field Points and Broadheads
  • “Open-Face” design for real-life arrow training


  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Small enough for backyard shooting
  • Easy removal of arrows 
  • 70 lb bows no problem at 20, 30, or 40 yards ranges
  • A good option for larger shooting area


  • Not a good for crossbow bolts
  • Extensive broadhead use will shorten the life of the target
  • Not a good option for more advanced shooters

#4. Morrell Maxima 350 Block Archery Target 

Morrell Maxima Shaggy Outdoors

This target is for those bow users typically shooting at 350 fps or less. The foam construction and weather-resistant product are good for four-season shooting.

  • 16" Height x 16" Wide x 13" Depth Design
  • 4-sided shooting target
  • E-Z Tote Carrying Handle
  • 32 Bullseyes on Target to shoot at
  • Poly-fused Cellular Foam


  • 4-sided shooting target
  • 32 shooting bullseyes
  • Black/White Vision on target for better pinpoint accuracy 
  • 70 lb bows no problem at 20, 30, or 40 yards ranges
  • A good option for a larger shooting area


  • Compact size limits longer shots by beginner shooters
  • Not a good option for crossbow hunters 
  • Not suggested for bows shooting more than 350 fps 

#5. Morrell Savage Force Block Archery Target 

Morrell Force Archery Target Shaggy Outdoors

For the more advanced shooter, this block is designed to stop the arrow that is shot at 380 fps. A cube design allows for four-sided shooting. Similar Morrell design provides the shooter with a great visual of black and white on the target.

  • 18" Height x 16" Wide x 13" Depth Design
  • 4-sided shooting target
  • Weather Resistant 
  • Completely Fused Layers
  • Poly-fused Cellular Foam


  • Best Block for the Price
  • Good Size for Longer Shots
  • Good durability for hundreds of shots at target 


  • Larger block does not travel well 
  • Does not support shooters above 380 fps 

#6. Field Logic Hurricane Cat 5 High Energy Bag Archery Target

This is not a block design archery target. This is a bag design target that has superior stopping power for those advanced shooters. This bag design has proven to stop 620 fps for standard diameter field-tipped arrows and bolts. Great for crossbows and all other bow designs.

  • 25" Height x 25" Wide Design
  • 2-sided shooting surface
  • All-weather Design 
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Self-standing design


  • Capable of higher power bows/arrows up to 620 fps stopping power
  • 4-season usage
  • Built-in grommets for hanging target
  • Self-standing design
  • Best value for beginner or intermediate archer 


  • Not a great travel target due to the size
  • Only two-sided shooting surface 
  • Field tip only - no broadheads 

If you are considering purchasing a Bag Style Target for practice consider purchasing a Bag Holder Stand. You Can get more information by checking out what's available by clicking here

#7. Delta McKenzie Speedbag 24 Crossbow Max Bag Target

This bag-style target is specifically built for Crossbow users. The 24” design gives plenty of target area for any type of bow user.

  • High FPS Bag Target (FPS = Foot Pounds Per Second)
  • 2-sided shooting target
  • Black Target 1-Side 
  • White Target 1-Side
  • Easy Carry Handles


  • Capable of higher power bows/arrows 
  • Easy carry for travel or movability 
  • Considered a Mid-Size target 


  • Only has 2 sided shooting surface 
  • Size prohibits longer comfortable shooting for beginner archers 
  • Field tip only - no broadheads - lacks durability and usability for shooters taking several shots a day or week

#8. Field Logic Block Vault Crossbow Archery Target

The family of Field Logic Blocks is vast and varied. This Vault target utilizes open-layered poly fusion technology for longer life. As with all Block targets, this is a four-sided shooting target black in color with several shooting targets.

  • High FPS Block Target (FPS = Foot Pounds Per Second)
  • 4-sided shooting target
  • Open Layered Poly Fusion Techology 
  • Easy Arrow Removal due to the compressed foam layered design
  • High-density Core for Longer Life


  • Solid design for higher power shooters 
  • 4-sided shooting area 
  • Good for both field points and broadhead target practice 
  • Durable


  • Reported difficulty removing arrows (professional note: when the block is new this can be difficult, especially for those shooters shooting higher poundage bows. Use an oil substance e.g. baby oil or vegi-oil on the end of the arrow shaft for easier withdrawal from the target).
  • Size prohibits portability for travel 

#9. Sportsman’s Warehouse Max 450 FPS Archery Target

Sportsmans 450 shaggy outdoors

For the high-velocity shooter, this is an inexpensive option. A bag-style design allows for easy transport and is 100% waterproof. The four-sided shooting target gives longer life and hours of shooting usage. This target is the only one we review that is branded and only sold at Sportsman's Warehouse stores. We believe this a good option for the price in the market for similar style targets. Consider this target for both beginner and intermediate archers. 

  • Free Standing Target
  • 4-sided shooting target for Max Life
  • Easy Arrow Removal
  • Rated for 450 FPS  
  • 100% Waterproof 


  • Great option for those archers starting off and shooting higher poundage bows with higher fps. 
  • 4-sided shooting area 
  • Design allows for more comfortable shooting and a larger shooting surface for those long-distance shots 
  • Crossbow usage allowed up to 400 fps 


  • Not for broadhead practice or use
  • Size prohibits portability for travel 
  • Only available from Sportsman's Warehouse

Final Words on Beginner Archery Targets

We like to see new archers enter the hunting and archery target shooting world. Whether you become an archer to compete as a sport in the Olympics or in College or if you start archery as a hunter looking to challenge yourself, these are the Best Archery Targets for Beginners.

All targets are heavy-duty and should take several arrows of shooting fun before needing to be replaced. 

If you’re a more advanced archer and would like to see what other options are available. Click here to see our Top 10 advanced archer blocks on this market.

Our pick of the Best 3D Targets for advanced archers can be found by clicking here. If you’re ready to hone your skill on those animal vitals, these 3D Archery Targets are the best options on the market.

When shooting at targets make sure you consider all the angles you may find yourself shooting at. Recently, I was hunting out of a tree in Michigan and never practiced these shots before I took aim at my first buck. The shot was terrible and I felt miserable after. Take the time to practice as much as possible to hone in on the craft. 

Archery Target FAQ

How do I choose an archery target?

When choosing a target to purchase consider these variables; 1. What are your abilities? 2. At what distance will you be shooting? 3. What fps foot-pounds per second) are you shooting?

 For a beginner shooting at a target that is a bag or a block does not matter. You are new and you should just shoot to get more experience. The block style is nice for four-sided shooting, but the bag style can handle higher poundage bows.

What is the best backyard archery target?

Shooting in your backyard should only be done with caution. What target is best? That depends on the size of your backyard, your capabilities, and your distance.

A good rule of thumb is a block style target works good in the 22-28 inch size category.

How far away should an archery target be for a beginner?

This is a great question. For all beginner archers, a great starting point would be 10 yards. Once you have good results at that distance you can move back to 15, 20, and 25 yards. We recommend if you are practicing to stay at 20 yards or less till you can shoot 30-40 arrows with no trouble. Understand the distance that involves the bow, sights, poundage of the bow, and your capabilities.

Can Archery Targets be left outside?

Many targets are four-season targets and can be outside for a period of time. Some are noted to be 100% waterproof while others are water-resistant. Read the labels and manufacturer information to understand your target’s true capabilities.