Best Archery Target Bag Stands

By Shaggy Outdoor Team

July 13, 2022

Shaggy Outdoors Archery Bag Target

Archery Target Bag Stands

You're considering purchasing a traditional target made of burlap or other material. This type of target is considered a Bag style. The great part of a Bag is that they are easily transported and you can shoot them in all weather conditions. The negative of these types is the bag is not made to sit on the ground and stand on its own. 

Bag Stands are the rage for archers using this style of the target. You have the option to purchase a Bag Stand or you could be the type who creates their own. Either way having the bag off the ground will make for more real-life shooting and you don't need to bend over as far to retrieve your arrows. 

The Shaggy Outdoors Team has compiled a few options for your Bag Archery Target stand. Check out our options below. If you haven't purchased a bag target get some more information here in our blog 9 Best Archery Targets for Beginners. We show you a few choices for block and bag targets.  

Team Shaggy Outdoors Top Choice for Target Bag Stands

This is a Bag Stand for Bow Hunters. It can handle a variety of bag styles and designs. With it's ability to move the hooks it is universal and makes for our BEST CHOICE for you today. The Price is Right and the Durability is Strong.  

Team Shaggy Outdoors Top Choice for 3D Archery Target Stands

It what you are looking for is a stand to handle your 3D targets then look no further. We have selected this HME stand as the Best Option.   

#1 Highwild Archery Target Stand 

This bag stand is made of heavy-duty steel construction with a powder-coated finish. You can use this stand for indoor or outdoor use. The stand is adjustable and can be used for both bag targets and block targets. 


  • Adjustable from 40" to 65" in height 
  • Raised Leg Design
  • Carabineer Clips attach to Grommets on the Target
  • Universal Holder for all bag brands
Specs for Shaggy Outdoors


  • Adjustable widths for different target widths 
  • Predrilled holes for ground nails for stabilization
  • Carabiner Hooks easily on/off of the target
  • Heavy duty steel construction


  • Welds were crooked so poor quality construction out of the box

#2. HME Archery Bag Target Stand

HME Archery Bag Target Shaggy Outdoors

This bag stand is made from heavy-duty square tubing. It will hold your bags in place and the lower stabilizer pin prevents the bag from excessive swaying. 


  • Fits Bag Targets Up to 30" Wide and 30" Tall
  • Raised Leg Design
  • Carabineer Clips attach to Grommets on the Target
  • Universal Holder for all bag brands


  • When the Bag is heavy no need for stabilizing pins
  • Sold design not much swaying with bag


  • Removal of arrow requires standing on the stand or enough pressure to pull arrow without stand tipping over

#3. Muddy Treestands Target Holder 

Big game target holder made of the best quality steel materials. This target hold works for both 3D and Bag Targets and adjusts 4" to 35". 


  • Adjustable from 4" to 35"  
  • Raised Leg Design
  • "S" style hooks for attaching to target 
Muddy Target Stand


  • Sets up in seconds 
  • Reported as a sturdy option 
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Out of the box welds and alignment of holes caused headaches 
  • Didn't consider it a sturdy option
  • No stabilizer 
  • Full teardown needed for transport

Additional Accessories For Your Target Stand

Morrell Combo Stand, Bag, & Rack for Bows

Get a three in one combination with Morrell Outdoor Product. This combination comes with a Yellow Jacket Bag (field tips), Stand, and a Steel Archery Bow Storage Rack for when you are on the range. 

Combo Features:

  • Weatherproof target bag
  • Morrell Yellow Jacket Bag
  • HME Products target stand
  • Bag Size 20" x 15" x 20"
  • Bag Weight 32 pounds  

Target Bags

There are several choices for target bags depending on your level of experience and budget. To get the best review of target bags check out our review of the Top 9 Archery Targets for Beginners.

One of the best Field Point archery bags on the market is Morrell Weatherproof Supreme Range bag. Check it out.

Final Words on Bag Archery Stands 

Stands are a crucial addition to your Bag Style Archery Targets. You will experience frustration with your shooting if you don't add a stand for stability and for having the bag secured. While the stand is great to get the bag target off the ground, the more power you are shooting with your bow the more issues you will have with arrows racing through the bag. Consider a back stand of sorts behind your bag for the arrows to stop. 

We believe any of these options or a combination of these options would be a great addition to your backyard shooting fun. 

Check out this review on 3D targets to increase your odds by practicing on a real, well 3D animal of similar size.